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Has anyone had a training session turn as ugly as this ???

jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
So tonight I planned to take the bike out for a couple of hours, the Mrs is out with her mates so the ideal opertunity to get a good 60km or so racked up after work.

I set off just before 19:00 it's a nice sunny night, a bit blowy but nether the less an ok night.

I plan to do an hour out and back again but 15 mins in and wind really starts to pick up, and all of a sudden it's gone a bit dark [:-]

The darkness rolls in and it absolutely chucks it down with rain !

I'm soaked to the skin in minutes and take shelter to side of the bush (it's raining horizontally as this point)

After about 5-10 minutes it subsides and I get going and the sun is shining again.

45 minutes in and the sky is looking angry again and I'm thinking to myself for fooks sake not again, low and behold it pelts it down.

After just getting dry I'm bloody soaking AGAIN ! I'm in the middle of nowhere on the Yorkshire wolds, no cover, I'm cursing the gods and I'm bloody freezing [:@]!!

At this point I think bugger this I'm off home, it was the longest 25km of my life. . . .

I gets back, I'm nithered, wet through, I can't feel my fingers, my feet are like blocks of ice. I get indoors and my puppy has taken a slash over the dining room floor.

Great . . .

Let's hear some of your stories of woe just to make me feel a little better


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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    puppy has taken a slash over the dining room floor.

    loving the story.......[:D]
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    Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Can't compete with that one - thankfully.
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    MintyMatMintyMat Posts: 98
    Try potty training a 2 year old. There's not a room in the house she's not had a dirty protest in! I have some awful tales of long distance runs and having to use mother nature to clean up! Every time I have run a lot quicker after though.
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    jamewah wrote:
    Let's hear some of your stories of woe just to make me feel a little better

    hahahahaha that made me laugh out loud!

    One time i was running in the park and some chavs started yelling at me, then one attacked me with a stick...so i ran past and he threw the stick at me, it missed but i lost self control and ran back and beat him down..

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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    comanighttrain wrote:
    ORIGINAL: jamewah

    Let's hear some of your stories of woe just to make me feel a little better

    hahahahaha that made me laugh out loud!

    One time i was running in the park and some chavs started yelling at me, then one attacked me with a stick...so i ran past and he threw the stick at me, it missed but i lost self control and ran back and beat him down..

    Cycling weekly has a letter in it this week,the writer regailing a story that as he was out on his bike a car came past and out of the windows came a hurl of verbal abuse and pieces of litter and food.The car drives off.A couple of days later he sees the same said car in a petrol station,walks over to the car says '''Remember me'' and then tips the fire bucket contents through its window.

    Must admit last evening out on the bike it was abit blowy which caused a few 'tank slapping ' moments.
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    teamspiritteamspirit Posts: 148
    I had just moved to a new town and decided to get out on my bike. I set out having no idea where i was going and ended up getting completly lost. I ended up running out of food,drink and had to ask directions from an old lady in a pet shop in the middle of no where and filled up bottles from tap. I ended up riding just over 5 hrs and was in a real mess. I got in a done the contense of my fridge while sitting in the bath.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    My most recent getting lost story: In Edinburgh for the night (never been before). Can't resist trying out the brand new Garmin 405, so set off for a short run before dinner. Found the city centre OK and ran up the Royal Mile. But got horribly lost on the way back. Didn't return to the hotel until after 9pm. Missed dinner. But as I "warmed down" in the gym, I noticed that the Garmin has a handy "find your way home" navigational feature. Doh!

    It was able to direct me from the gym back to my room with incredible accuracy. I did feel foolish - but clocked up a nice long slow run - and looking at the route on Google earth was really interesting.

    Luckily I didn't bump into comanighttrain down a dark alley.
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    ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    top effort! things like that can only make you stronger. I had almostexctly that a year ago. Started out on a 60 mile route, perfect sunny day, at the furtehrst point of home, a massive hail storm hits, meaning to hiding in a bush in the lycra gear! Brilliant! #

    more recently in a half marathon, that was using as a training day, i tried a different nutrition strategy pre race, and ended up having to have two sh*!s at mile 9 and 12, with no toilet paper in sight!

    i love the cursing at the time, but then can see the funny side a couple of days later!!! learn from all the experiences!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Good Friday just gone, the day was showery, seems every time I put my kit on when the sun shone by the time I had my handle bars in my hands...it was showering, eventually you think sod it I am going anyway, Lady Britspin at an all day yoga thingy..as I believe thy are known. Set off on my usual loop around Stratford, reached the should I go right or left..usually time dictates a right, but as I was not expected (!), I took left which started well, but as above..the sky darkened & darkened & darkened...I passed thru a small town thinking I sort of know where I am....didn't, ended up on a dual carriagway with horizontal hail & speeding cars in a twilight with no lights, turn off & go back, thru town again, still soaking with driving rain, find main road in homewardish direction & hack off & end up about the same place I would have been if I had pressed on the dual carriageway for oh about 500m or so, around the bend.

    Rain slowed but I was wet in places I didn't know I had. I had what appered to be black hairy legs from knee to ankle such was the road grime sticking to me.

    Eventually got home some 90+km later to find Lady Britspin waiting asking where I had been....I mistook the tone & helpfully replied 'out on my bike'

    cue evening of silences & exchanges of opinions about keeping in touch, using mobile phones etc. Then I had to cook tea as well.
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    I just had great amusement reading this whilst watching Saturday morning kitchen and it reminded me of a training session a few years ago.

    It was whilst I was in serious rowing training, but I had also signed up for my 1st marathon. Rowing was going great and I had a training week in Ghent (Belgium). The first day we arrived early, and went straight from the hotel to the rowing lake and did a couple of very hard 2 hour sessions on the water. This was about 8 weeks out from Henley so we were just doing final boat selections and starting to really ramp up the training.

    We got back to the hotel and I thought I had better go out for a quick run, as I hadn't been running much and the marathon was in a couple of weeks! (very sensible I know!). I set out and turned to the canal system and just though it would be fine following that for about 30 mins and then turning back. Now I still swear that I never turned off that canal, but at some point it must have split as I ended up so completely lost.

    So basically I had no food, money, water and was lost in a city I had only just arrived in and couldn't remember the name of the hotel that we had stayed at! I also realised that the only phone number I remembered if I could find a phone and reverse charges is a friends parents from back in the UK.

    I just kept on running and tried to find something I recognised, eventually I managed to find the rowing lake where we had been and then retraced the route back to the hotel. I arrived back about 2 and a half hours after leaving and absolutely dead. When my room mates opened the door and mentioned how long i'd been I just non-chalantly replied 'marathon training' - as if I had planned to do it! I then crawled off to my bed and died.

    Valuable lesson to be learned - always take a phone and money with you.

    That being said, just realised I haven't learned that lesson as whilst away in Spain on holiday last year I went running from the villa I was staying at. Got completely lost again, no phone and couldn't remember the name of where we were - added to the 35 degree heat and no water and it all got interesting!

    One day i'll learn...
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    maybe Lord Lucan just popped out for a quick jog... and he's still trying to find his way home ??


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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    was going to post this story under a am i suffering from car rage heading but this will do.

    After leaving work last i was just starting to pick up a bit of momentum into the wind when a car with a youngish couple pulled out infront of me, it didnt make me dive for cover but was enough to slam on the brakes and un-nerve a little, the car then decided to poodle along at 20mph so i pulled alongside looked shook my head and carried on. (P.S. i work in quite a not nice area) The car sped up got infornt braked and as i pulled alongside the occupants were gesturing as if what was my problem, i looked shook my head again and carried on. they repeated this again so i engaged in conversation shouting "you just pulled out on me!" they again pulled infront and slowed so at this stage now very angry i jumped off my bike threw it to the floor and with eyes bulging i not too politely told the male to get out and sort out his issues, as i approached the car i realised the couple, now cowering in the seats had actually stopped to say sorry! I have never felt so guilty...

    And it got me thinking has the fact that we are constantly getting abuse from car drivers turned me into a rage aholic!
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    GGGG Posts: 82
    Last summer, glorious day:

    Thought id tap out a casual 40 miles and "find" some new quiet roads. I live in the centre of Soton and enjoyed a really nice ride upto Winchester, I then went up past ATR Winchester and ended up on the road to Stockbridge, from there I spotted a hill which I climbed and continued along a roman road to Sailsbury. Once I arrived in Sailsbury it occured to me that a, all the roads were very busy, and b, i still had to cycle home. Bugger!

    85 miles later I arrived home, in pain, dehydrated, sunburnt but very relieved.

    Had a Clarkey style inncident quite recently too. I just left the drive of my house when this fool drove the wrong way down my one way road and almost knocked me off my bike. Enraged and startled I gave him a parade ground volume verbal assalt, he responded by giving me the hand signal for one who likes to play with himself and drove off. I saw red and sprinted for him, and as we cut about through the streets I managed to catch up with him at a set of lights. I looked in the drivers window ready for a ruck only to see that his Mrs sat in the passengers side was pretty upset and could see his arms shaking. I suddendly felt like a real a*shole as he was clearly frightened and wasnt the little scroat I thought he would be. He said sorry and held out his hand to shake. All anger left me I shook his hand, and apoligised to his Mrs. I real turn around in the end.


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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    in my previous existance as an endurance horse rider half way through a 100k came into a point on route where crew were lurking with water for horse and rider I hopped off threw reins at crew legged to hedge dopped riding tights and peed. Much relieved until turned round and realised the entire Shk Maktoum brigade were stood by my crew and horse with bottom jaws on floor [:o]- I thought no one else there so hadn't hidden in the hedge in quite the way I would have with others around - next event sponsored by Maktoum every crew spot had a porta-loo[:D]
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    bunongbunong Posts: 49
    What a great thread - its offical we are all a bunch of idiots[:D][:D]

    My story doesn't compare but anyway.

    I have to stay in Crewe nearly every week - head office etc. I normally go for a run rather than sit in the hotel like a Norman No Mates. So off I go on my usual 7 mile run, when after 2.5 miles my calf started to tighten. Thinking nothing of it in true bloke style I carried on but a little slower to give it a chance to ease off. At 3.5 miles the furthest point from the hotel the calf really goes big time - walking was a problem. I know the route so getting lost was not an issue but getting back is. After 1.5 miles of near crying I noticed a tanning shop. Luckly in it was the girl who is our receptionist at work. Pleading with her and knowing the grief I'm was going to get the next day I got her to call her dad and get him to take me back to the hotel. At the hotel head straight to the bar for ice - for the ice pack not G&T and back to my room to nurse my wounds.

    Result had the p##s taken out of me for weeks at work and season ended as running was halted for a couple of months during physio.

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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    I haven't got a training story..but when I got my first road bike last year, (a cyclying buddy recommended it, bought it and it exchanged hands in a dodgey McDonalds car park with lots of 'youths' watching on...!)...however after my friend left me with it, I took 3 weeks to actually pluck up the courage to go out on it..now this is where the problem began! I couldn't quite work out where the gears were and how you changed them if I actually found them..all I couldl see was the brakes!.[8D].....following lots of nights pondering my dilemma, I decided that the bike was faulty, so I phoned by 'bike friend' who tsk'd at me down the phone and talked me through the gearing process..."oh yes, of course I understand now"...nope still no clue..now you'd think at this point I'd phone my friend again...hmmpf no way! So as I'd spotted my bike in the local bike shop window, thought..."ooo I know I can go in and pretend to be interested in the bike, ask lots of questions about gearing, sizing etc & find out at last what to bloody well do"... & so I did and I left the shop with a happy heart and an eagerness to get on my bike and start changing gears!!! I'm now happy with my gears, however I've now decided that it just doesn't go fast enough...which obviously has absolutely nothing to do with me!! [;)]
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    jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    armstrong_jack wrote:

    Valuable lesson to be learned - always take a phone and money with you.

    Ha ! I'm loving these stories !

    Making me feel hell ov'a lot better [:D]

    I would have used my phone and called for back up but my hands were frozen in position on my aero bars as I was trying to cut through the icy winds !

    ha ha !
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    Conehead wrote:

    13 years ago in another life I was in Bosnia. So we'd been 'in country' for all of 24 hours and being the super dooper storm troopers 6 of us decided to put in an easy 6 miler, on an approved route around the base out in the sticks. Approved as in safe, as in not likely to get blown by mines up or kidnapped and murdered.

    Anyway - we took a wrong turn somewhere on the country path and ended up going on a 3 hour death run mission run involving 2 freestyle trips through fields (not a good idea, heavily mined area) and a couple of 'hot' villages where they couldn't quite beleive what they were seeing which probably stopped them from getting the AK's out and mowing us down.

    We got back to base as they were just about to send a patrol out to track us down, we did 20 miles.

    You win.

    Thats scary stuff!

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    the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [:)]i was comming home from work one sunny evening, when i got a load of abuse from a car driver for no apparent reason. then he drove off like a mad man only for him to be stuck in a que of traffic a mile up the road. i noticed hed got his window open so has i was going to turn right at the junction i rode up on his side and emtied the entire contents of my drinks bottle in his lap... [:)] and left him there... it feels great to get back at them sometimes.[:)][:)]
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