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noddy question about googles

you can buy some anti fog solution for a couple of quid. i know wiggle sells some, but am sure most other tri stores will.


  • tummymustgotummymustgo Posts: 43
    just got some lovely new googles , been swimming in dark grey lenses so swimming now in these are a great leap forward as they are so clear..... or they were How do you stop goggles from misting over ?

    I can get 2 lengths in and have to either swim blind , good practise for open water or clean them

    Sorry for such a silly question

  • anti fogging solution? a wild guess,
  • tummymustgotummymustgo Posts: 43

    good old wiggle , seem to be getting deliveries every other day at the moment
  • I have anti-fog and this works quite well.

    Another option is to use baby johnsons shampoo (you know the yellow one that kids use), water this down slightly and rub it on the inside of the goggle. Slightly rinse this off after application and this has worked for me. [;)]
  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    If you're stuck, a bit of spit will do a similar job, although maybe not as good an effect. In saying that, I've over 1000 hrs diving under my belt, and I've never had any problems with using spit in my mask. Maybe the effect is different in swimming gogs - I'm not sure.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey, I asked the same question this week, re having serious issues with Foggles. After some good advice, trying speedo anti-fog spray, and some spit, I got some of the aquasphere anti-fog stuff, sprayed loads on, poured it off after 30 sec or so and let it dry on. A quick rinse later and I tried them out this morning at heron lake, worked like a charm. No misting at all so would defo recommend this stuff.
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