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For a newbie...wots enough training??

hey all...i did one tri last year and plan to do a couple this year..sprint ones...but I'm not sure if I am training enough...or right...

cycle to work 4 days per week (10k each way - live in London so stop/start)

swim twice a week - 1k (not very fast but no stopping)

run once or twice a week - once to work and then maybe a 6 - 8k on weekend (don't always do this), walk home that night (unless it's raining ;) )

I'm not inclined to do extra training (maybe closer to the time of the tri's) but wondered how I can make my current training actually count?

I've just got a heart rate monitor which I'm struggling to use effectively...or work out how all the buttons work! will this help?

Any advice greatly received.


  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Agree with Conehead, you need to decide what it is you want.

    Faster times or just to compete in the events.

    To give you an idea, i did a sprint last year 400 metre swim, 15 k bike and 3 mile run, i wanted to do it in 1.30

    I got this time by adding all my timed training together and that was it really.

    I took 1.29, but i kniow looking back i could of save time in loads of places.

    I let the training slip a bit over xmas but am back to it now, big time.

    My ultimate aim is to get the time down to 1.10 or 1.15 by end of this year.

    So i'm concentrating more on ensuring my training is actually going to benefit me, rather than just training for training sake.

    Anyone can run/bike or swim but to do it with purpose thats the key.( well i think so anyway)
  • Hi brizzichick,

    If you're not looking to do any extra training, it's important that the training you do is effective. I am a triathlete from a swimming background so I will start with the swim...

    One of the biggest mistakes a lot of triathletes make is to go to the pool and just swim non-stop. All that does is teach you to swim slow and leads to stroke faults. As well as triathlons, I continue to swim for my swimming club at both short and more increasingly 1500s. A lot of my main set training will be based on race pace sets of 100s or 200s, so I will build from the beginning of the training period with 8-10 100s and aim for race pace (or +5secs depending on my current fitness) up to 20 x 100s or building up to 10 x 200s. Then I'll occasionally do sets of 400s at race pace.

    Besides sets of 100s/200s, drill work is really important for getting efficient strokes and the most out of sessions so I'd recommend 2 drills to start with;

    superman/slow recovery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUULNJEdKU8 (similar to the first drill)

    finger drag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaCQicXKRYY

    Finally the last thing I do before my cool down with usually be sets of 12.5, 25 or 50m sprints to get the speed into your arms.

    The intervals idea can be applied for both the cycling and running portion. I won't go into detail with them at the moment as my message is already too long....

    Hope this helps
  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    thanks guys...really helpful...especially the swim stuff - especially as I've just been swimming 1k each time (straight) and not doing drill sets.

    I really do want to it faster but as you say stickmanonabike, I don't really want to do too much more training than I currently am (I realise that this is probably somewot unrealistic and will probably train a bit more).

    I suppose I have to work out what time to beat. I did the brighton tri (375m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run) in 54.31 (I know this isn't v good) but I'm going to enter a longer distance this time round (around 600m, 25k, 6k) so I suppose I have to start training smart....

    any suggestions for bike and run would be great (run is my weakest leg)..
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