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Moving from base fitness to racing fitness

PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196

I haven't been on for a while - my old password is on my PC at my old jop. I decided after a while just to start again as PC-67 instead of PC67!

Anyway, new season beckons.

I'm kind of in good shape, running well (up to 2 hours), but I failed this winter's main goal of getting to 40 mins for 10k, my PB was stuck at 43:28 from November. I put on about 3 kg since then and though I feel like I'm running better I reckon the extra few pounds is hurting my times. I probably need only look at the wine bottles in my recycle bin though!

I've been swimming ok and am waiting for May & June for the Hampstead Lido and Serpentine Lido evening fitness sessions to make my burst here. Bike is ticking over but I need to start working. I'll dust off the turbo.

In short my base fitness is as good as it's ever been, now for a tough 8 weeks I guess.

Any advice on moving from base fitness to performance targeted fitness across all 3 disciplines appreciated. I used to avoid HRMs but have come around to the idea now.

My planned races are:

Fuller Thames Towpath 10 mile run - April

220 Dorney half-olympic tri - June (maybe also May)

Upton-upon-Severn Olympic Tri 11th July

MK Olympic Triathlon 26th July

Then Dublin Marathon end-October.

I'm skipping my favourite race at Windsor for this year only as I want to do better times and in recent years my A race has been Windsor and my season has been over before mid-June!

I don't see any hassle doing 2 oly's in July. 15 days is more than enough - I did Vancouver & Windsor 8 days apart last year and did ok in both.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You need a training plan. One specific to you, factoring in how much time you have available, and what your race targets are.

    Coaching is great if you can find/afford a good coach, for self coaching, get something like Friel's training bible.

    Watch out for injuries as you increase volume/quality.

    I too have failed to move my 10K pb down from last year - but blame injuries for this. But I have been focussed on swimming and cycling instead.

    I've been using Daniel's running formula for running (been thwarted by Injury though), and have got Friel's Tri. Training bible for general use. Using coaching (when I can get it) for swimming, as I am a beginning swimmer.

    "Quality" means, typically, things like Lactate Threshold runs/rides etc. A heart rate monitor is essential to work out things like this - in particular, to make sure that you don't race when you should be training.
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