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PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
I've just bought the Runners World "Run Less Run Faster" book with a view to doing a more focused run routine and also for a good training plan for my first marathon in October. My 2 A triathlon races this year are in July so I suspect starting my marathon programme now is also consistent with improving my 10k run splits by July. My base fitness is as good as it's ever been in April.

The programme is devised by the FIRST sports institute and the gist of the book is 3 run sessions a week: intervals, tempo and long run with 2 cross training supplemental sessions. I suspect this is what a lot of triathletes do anyway.

The track sessions will be easy enough to monitor whether I'm on my target pace or not. Similarly my local park is exactly 1500m so it's easy enough to monitor pace during my tempo runs if I don't go to the track.

I'm keen to stick to the prescribed pace but worry a bit about guaging pace on my longer runs, which Imprefer to do point-to-point rather than endless laps. Are there any cheap gadgets like pedometers that can help calculate pace? I've never used a pedometer but I assume you can calibrate them to your own stride pattern by, e.g., running 400m on a track and setting the device accordingly.

Or should I just go with my intuitive feel of pace / exertion? The book makes no mention of HR zones which I thought'd be useful for the long run.

I lost my job recently so coaching and expensive GPS kit etc. are off bounds.

Has anyone else used this book?

I think it says you can do more than 2 cross training sessions.

As I now don't have a job I don't cycle anywhere near as much as I used to (it was 5 days a week, 15-16 miles a day, 50 weeks a year).

With limited cycle time being consistent with the programme I have the following in mind: one 90 minute medium intensity turbo session (or when weather gets a bit better a 5 or 6 lap of Richmond Park set) and one 1 hour interval session per week. Comment welcome here.

Swimming I'll leave to the mercy of the gods as usual - my usual one session a week while my daughter gets her lesson and then in May and June I've signed up for weekly open water fitness sessions.

I'm actually very busy despite not having a job so having time isn't a given.
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