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Zurich 70.3 -2009

HarriHarri Posts: 40
Just signed up.... anyone else doing it? Also, if anyone's already done it, do they have any advice please? This will be my first half IM, could really do with some tips/info about the course.

Cheers, H


  • I did this one in 2007, one of the best and well organised races I have ever done. The swim is, well, the swim. It was in a lake so not too bad. The bike course is 2 laps. Have a look at the profile on the website for the race. From memory it was flat for a bit, then you get a short sharp hill (it is tough but its only for about 5 mins), then there is a bit of a drag up hill and then there is a fast downhill bit. I did the race with virtually no swim or bike training in the previous 9 months and found the bike course ok - I was slow but the hills were tough but not impossible and the end bit of the bike is fast. Depending on where you live try and find some short steep hills and slight uphill sections to pracice on- you ushould be fine then. Run is ok, pretty much flat apart from some steps (stairway to heaven I think they called it). They were more of a gimmick really, pretty much similar to having to run up a long set of steps for about 60 secs,

    Overall the experience is amazing and you get the first taste of what ironman events are all about. You get the welcome banquet,great nutrition, amazing crowds, awesome medal, brilliant goodie bag and beautiful location. Dont think you could ask for much more....
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