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Advise on bike upgrades


I'm new to these forums and the triathlons in general. I have the basic tri starter kit from triuk whhich included the Giant SCR3 bike and wondered if anyone could give me any advise on where best to upgrade the bike on a budget? Would I see much benefit for example changing the seat post/bars etc to lighter models?

I managed to get a set of Profile Design Century tri-bars thrown in instead of the helmet but find they make the front of the bike feel very heavy (and where I ride is pretty hilly).

Pretty vague I know-but I've run for years-swimming is pretty straight forward in terms of kit (wetsuit and goggles!) but the world of road bikes is new to me and any advice would be appreciated.



  • Not that I'm a major bike techy or anything (as you'll see by my other posts), but from what I've read on here, you're best bet is to upgrade the wheels. Dont know what the Giant comes with, but the wheels are where you would usually get the most improvement.

    As mentioned within this forum before, for the sake of saving a few grams in weight by spending loads of £££'s, you're better off losing half a kilo.

    With the wheels, not only will you save a bit of weight, but should add some performance to the bike
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    You wouldnt see much in the way if a performance improvment with seatpost and bar changes (other than comfort!!). Save your money and think about getting some lighter wheels, or save your money and enter some more races.

    As wheels go there's plenty to choose from, obviously Zipp, Corima and Lightwieght are companies that (if you have the spare money) you could look at. Alternatively look at some of some cheaper (still feckin expensive tho!!!!) options like Hed or Planet X.

    And in the end of the day you might not even like the sport (unlikely) but it would be unwise to invest in a venture that your not 100% comited too (not saying your not[;)]).

    God, I must stop rambling on.............NURSE!!!!

  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Thanks for the advice. To clarify-my first triathlon was the Rough Track at the end of last year (I'm been mountain biking for years so used my MTB for the event). I've got a 3/4 distance in Eton in May and then the London Tri in August and depending on how these go a Ironman 70.3 next year. The advice seems to be saying what I'd expected-that the wheels are the key upgrade but also cost the most! The other option as pointed out by Conehead would be to use the heavier Giant for training and get a Boardman Carbon on the cycle2work scheme (effectively the cost of wheel upgrade). Thanks for your help on this-looks like I've got some discussions to be had with the long haired Colonel!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Wheel upgrade for existing cheap bike versus half price Boardman carbon? Hmm..

    Well, as my Dad used to say... "You can't polish a turd, son" - not saying your current bike is a turd, like, but you see what I mean.

    Get the Boardman on the Cycle2Work scheme, then you can enjoy sticking it to the taxman as well as having a 'special' bike to bring out when the weather is really nice or for race days.
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