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Chain ring - big or small??


After some opinions on chainring usage while training.

Headed out for a longish ride today and noticed that most people tended to be training on thier big chain ring. However, I had been told many moons ago by a coach, that you should do most training on the little ring.

Just wanted to get an updated view on what is best?

Can see that racing will be harder on the legs if you've done no milage on the big'un, but is it not better to be doing more repititions- on the little'un???

Thanks in advance.



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    trispacetrispace Posts: 25
    Hi E.T

    When out on longer rides I tend to spin at a much higher cadence which inevitably means I'm in the smaller ring. This improves cycling efficiency and aerobic fitness and doesn't hammer the legs quite as much as grinding the big ring. It's all about an individuals comfortable cadence, all guides say between 85-95rpm is the optimum cadence but it's all about the individual. Racing at a higher cadence (not necessarily in the small ring) will also help with the bike to run transition as the same muscle fibre types are recruited and your legs will not feel as heavy!!!

    Still do some low cadence shorter sessions as these will help develop strength and power in the legs, a bit like your fartlek training sessions.

    Hope this helps.
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