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Season to season improvements

Just wondering how much people improved after there first season of triathlon. Did the things you learnt in the first season make you much faster in terms of time in the second, third season you did it?


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Lincoln Tri -

    2006 - my first event, grossly overweight and underprepared: 1:48:29

    2007 - lost a bit of weight, better bike, better prep: 1:27:23

    2008 - lost lot more weight, even better bike, even better prep: 1:20:08

    2009 - tad more weight lost, same bike, better prep - swim cancelled due to contamination so 2.5Km run, 20Km bike, 5Km run: 1:20:05

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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    The more you do, the fitter you get ,the faster the times....not neccessarily.It is a tough climb to the top of the fitness tree,but a quicker drop to the bottom.Classing myself as over the hill,I now tend to fall back on experience to get me the extra seconds through the race.Trawling through my race results to give an example,try not to laugh,as they may appear abit 'anal'.They are from the same triathlon that I have competed in for the past eleven years.The course has not changed,the only variables being,me,my kit,and the weather.It is a sprint distance,500m pool,9m bike and 3m run.

    .98 1.11.28

    .99 1.08.08

    .00 1.08.07 new bike,but messed up transition

    .01 1.05.31 started more long course training

    .02 1.07.22

    .03 1.05.49

    .04 1.07.02

    .05 sorry lost results but around 1.07

    .06 1.06.38

    .07 1.14.05 knee injury

    .08 1.07.23 still with a knee injury

    But times are relative,my fastest time did not get me my best finish table results,that depends on the others.

    So to conclude,I did get slightly quicker but not much,when I look at the splits,my increase in bike speed has compensated in losing time on the run due injury.Has this reply answered your question,I doubt it very much.
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I have my first comparison avaiable following the Southwell tri two weeks ago.

    The Last Minute tri last September took me 59:19 and I was two lengths short on the swim [8|]

    Same course two weeks ago took me 55:18

    Quite happy with that improvement. I have another race to compare with last year's time in September at Brigg.
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Forgot to add - same bike but different wheels - moved from Bontrager Select to Spinergy Rev X. I doubt that's worth four minutes over a 30 minute course though.
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Here is my improvements.......

    2006 - 5 sprints quickest as follows: No coach just training what I felt like doing plus learning to swim by myself...

    RAF Cranwell Sprint - 400m Swim- 10:32, 20k Bike - 50:54, 5k run - 25:46

    2007 - 1st season with a coach and therefore structured training.

    RAF Novice Sprint Champion and 12th Overall

    Qualified for RAF Elite Team at Dambuster in first Olympic Distance Tri - 6th and final slot in the team

    Qualified for Great Britain Sprint Team at Birmingham sprint for Vancouver World Champs to be raced in 2008

    Qualified for Great Britain Long Distance Team at Vitruvian for Almere World Champs to be raced in 2008 (1st Middle Distance race!)

    2008 - All pre season training done in the Falkland Islands due to working out there:(

    All Bike training done on Turbo and running with or against 40mph winds, snow and Hailstones the size of golf balls!!!

    Had to withdraw from GB Sprint Team due to being in Falklands

    Qualified for RAF Elite team - 4th Member in team

    Almere Long Distance World Champs - 66th out of 1000 Overall, 7th in Age Group and 2nd Brit in Age Group (only Dion Harrison beat me from GB and he won it and has gone pro this year)

    2009 -

    Won Age group at all races (3 - Oulton Park Duathlon, Horwich Standard, Inter Services Duathlon) bar Beaver middle distance (hit the wall on the run) 8th in AG

    First Podium finish Overall (Oulton Park Duathlon - 3rd)

    First entry in 220 mag race reports for Oulton Park Duathlon.

    Qualified for GB for Long Distance European and World Champs 2009 (from 2008 World Champs Finish)

    So for me the improvement has been massive! In my first tri I couldnt swim any front crawl, borrowed a bike far too small for me and didnt have the quickest run ever. With hard work, the desire to do my best and learning from mistakes etc I am now not to bad at this Multi sport lark!

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Very impressed with that Hussler. I had assumed that you would be coming off a competitive background - e.g. cycling for a good few years - certainly something unbroken from childhood up to the present day (you're in the 25-29 age group I think?). Talent + _Hard work_.
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I have come into Tri from a football background..... Only ever rode a bike to work (approx 4miles a day) in the 2 years prior to starting tri.... overweight..... 15.5 stone at my peak......

    I had never swam front crawl in my life prior to first tri where I tried and managed 8 lengths before going to breast stroke for the last 8 lengths. When doing front crawl it was more like a washing machine, I did wonder why people where throwing their dirty clothes and some washing powder into the pool whenever I was in it! lol

    I took up triathlon when a guy who I worked with asked me if 'I fancied doing one next week' I said yes not even knowing what one was!

    I now coach that guy! lol

    I had been a goalkeeper from the age of 7 mainly because I was the fat kid who couldnt run haha Stick him in goal!

    Until 2008 I have always carried a little bit of excess weight, I am now down to 11 stone so my main gains have come from losing just over 4 stone in 4 years!
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    PS yes Im in the 25-29 age group (currently 28- but move up an age group next year as my birthday falls in November)
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    That's a very inspirational story, if you don't mind me saying. You should be one of the featured athletes in 220. Well done to you!
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Thanks very much!! :) but not sure about that being featured though...

    One year I nearly failed our annual RAF fitness test (level 9-10 on bleep test, 20 press ups in 60s and 35 sit ups in 60s) and I thought I really need to do something about this!

    I was in a job I didnt like, comfort ate at night with no enthusiasm for anything really.

    So I got posted to a new RAF Base, their I met the guy who get me into it.

    Without Tri Im not sure what state of play my life would have been in.

    Anyone is capable of doing well in whatever they decide to do....

    I love watching all the guys and gals who are at the events doing it for themselves, some may take longer than me to complete them but I believe that is where the most important people for Triathlon are!

    I always get asked about triathlon with my students at work or people at the gym/pool etc and they always say I couldnt do that im not quick enough!

    The first thing I always tell them is that it is well within the power of anyone to complete a triathlon and that out of a race of say 100 competitors only 10% are there to race against each other, half of that 10% are there to try and win and the other 90% are there to do it for themselves, regardless of where they finish.

    Take the Beaver Middle distance I did a couple of weeks ago..... I was pi**ed off and distraught with my eventual finish after walking and jogging the last 8 miles of the half.... and finishing the run in 1hr 50mins finishing 42nd overall and 8th in my age group.

    I know I would of easily won my Age Group and possibly finished top 5 overall if I had ran the way I know I can but I made the mistake of not eating enough before the race.... but anyway after the initial disappointment and watching everyone else finish I realised that my performance wasnt actually that bad and I should stop whinging about it.

    There where people still out on the course with a massive smile on their face nearly 3 hours after I had finished and with the race organisors actually clearing up around them, but they didnt give up and that is what I really like about Tri....

    These people are the ones that actually make up the real reason why Triathlon is such a good sport to take part in.

    They are far more important to triathlon than the ones who finish first in a 'new course record' etc.....

    I remember at the Vitruvian in 2007, this guy who was 82years old came into the finish shute, crossed the line started eating and drinking etc then the MC shouted out over the mic that he had only done one lap!! so off he went out again and ran the 2nd 10.5km lap with not even a whisper of complaint..... What a man he was!!!

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Love it. You're a top bloke. I have an overwhelming urge to buy you a pint!
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    thanks:) if you do youll prob have to pick me up off the floor too as my alcohol resistance is almost zero at this point of the season haha:)

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    Wow, that is some improvement withing a year. I take it the coach really helped then? How many hours a week are you training to get those sorts of time.

    I did my first tri a couple weeks ago, 750m, 20k, 5k at dorney in 1h09, though felt i had alot left as i was using it as a bit of a tester to see what triathlon was like, and my transitions were very slow. Training has been going ok, dont really know what im doing though but try and get 10-12hrs a week in. I think maybe a coach could help me knock off 5 mins or so for next season, so i may consider one or getting a decent training programme.
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Yeh a coach helped immensely, its worthwhile getting one if you can afford one....

    During winter and spring, Late October - April I train anywhere upto 23 hours a week....

    Once race season gets here I do upto 15/16 hours

    Some sessions on one day take 5hours to do...including putting bike back in shed/getting changed/ locking the house etc...

    Take my plan for this week for example....I am racing Bala middle distance next weekend so this is a taper week.

    Today - 3hour bike (on turbo as weather is poop, and im in my final 15mins as we speak lol, joys of internet hook up in the shed!)

    Monday - 2 hour TT (about 45-47 miles) followed by 30 min race pace run (4.5-5miles)

    Tuesday - Turbo sprint set (64 mins), swim set as follows:

    2x400m easy

    8x50m drill swim

    8x25m 1/2 max 1/2easy

    4x25m Max

    100m V.easy

    (repeat above x5)

    16x25m DPS

    400m mixed own choice

    Wednesday - 45min easy run inc. 10 x 30s stride outs easy going just pushing the pace up for those 30s

    Thursday - 60 min bike easy spin, swim set as follows:

    400m warm up

    10x50m (25m max 25m steady) off 1.15

    400m cool down

    Friday - Day Off

    Saturday - 30 mins bike with 5 x 8s sprints included

    Sunday - Bala Middle Distance race

    Total hours: 11 hours ish before racing, 15.5 hours including race....

    This is an easy week for me, my 'normal' weeks are loaded more and include a couple of long runs ie 90mins - 2hrs

    Your time for your 1st sprint is very good!!!! With a coach you will easily knock 5 mins off that, id be surprised if you dont knock almost 10 off!

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    That's a fair bit of training, dont think id ever be able to fit 20 odd hours in a week. How do you come across a decent coach? Maybe something i will think about for next season as well as a nice TT bike. How much does it cost for a coach? I think id need help on the swim technique and bike mainly, probably run actually as well, oh and transitions.

    Good luck with Bala middle distance by the way.
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Some proper training and a decent bike works wonders.

    I did the Oulton Park duathlon in September on a hybrid bike. It's approx 2.5 mile run 16 mile bike 2.5 mile run.

    I did it again in April on road bike after a winter of reasonable training and some decent quality training since January after joining the tri club. I was 17 minutes quicker. Yes the bike helped but I took a big chunk off the time for the first run, on which the bike has no impact, as well as all the rest.

    As an indirect comparison, I did the Cheshire and North West Sprint Tris last year, again on the old bike. They are over the same course and I did 1.32 and 1.31.

    Today I did the Northwich sprint. It's a shorter distance, 100M less swim and 2K less bike, but a tougher bike I though, a bloody big hill at the start (flat course my arse!). So you'd expect maybe six, seven minutes or so quicker than Cheshire/NW tris based on last year's performance. I actually posted 1.07.57, which I was rather chuffed with.

    So there is scope for considerable improvement over your first season. I'm expecting any improvement over future years to be gradual over a couple of years, then maybe a plateau then tailing off with age (I'm nearly 34) although I am hoping to fight the decline with the purchase of a better bike, and more "stuff" in years to come.

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    husslerhussler Posts: 237

    I pay £65 a month for my coach, I was put in contact with him through someone I used to work with who was mates with him. My coach is Lawrence Oldershaw, he is based in New Zealand now, he emigrated not long ago. He used to be pro a few years ago.

    I also have a swim coach who lives in Cambridge, I see him approx every 4-6 weeks and we work on technique etc. He used to coach my coach when he was pro and he also taught Will & Rosie Clarke and Alistair Brownlee to swim! Also just before Brownlee went to Beijing my coach took him for his last 6 weeks prior to leaving. He charges £40 an hour for a session.... A session usually lasts 2-2.5hours. He is awesome!!

    Where abouts are you based?
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    Based in London (east london). But those prices seem pretty reasonable, seeing as you dont have to go once every week. Know anyone?
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I can attest that Hussler shifts on his Argon - past me at Oulton Park rather rapidly.

    Wish I had chance to do 23 hours training a week. [:(]

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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Na I dont know anyone down there.... however Cambridge aint that far from London really is it? I travel 2 and half hours to see my swim coach......

    My Tri coach is all based on Email and Telephone calls. Therefore obviously doesnt matter where you are based lol

    He is quite cheap especially for what he actually gives me per month

    £65 gets me this package

    4/5 week program each month

    Unlimited Emails

    He rings generally once every week to 10 days or if I have a prob then Ill ring him

    Nutrition tips, how to control weight etc

    I know alot of the internet based coaching is over £100 per month for this level of coaching.
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