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Blenheim 2008

wow. first time iv,e ever seen a live tri. i only live about 5 miles from Blenheim so i was there in time to see the elite male start, these guys can really move.next up the mortals, watched as you all jumped in then walked over to t1 exit.wobbly legs and arms made for some light entertainment ,lads running out carrying there shoes then sitting down on the road to put them on.the clip less shoe that wont go in the pedal,looking down then hitting the barriers although it was entertaining i couldn't help but feel envious that i wasn't doing it.i watched as hundreds of you went round some clearly novices and a lot of solid triathletes, you were all an inspiration to me and you should all be proud of yourselves.

Blenheim 2009 was going to be my first tri but after Sunday i dont think i can wait that long. well done all:
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