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Woman's tri bike 49" frame


I need a 49" frame tri bike or road bike. I'm looking at the £1k bracket and live in South East. If anyone has anything suitable please let me know



  • trekki 1trekki 1 Posts: 2
    Hi there!
    Just seen your ad,
    I have a Trek Equinox tri ladies bike for sale,not sure if would fit, but you can check out the details .
    just search for:trek equinox ladies tri bike,and my ad should pop up.

    Any problems you can call me on; 07595618155
  • OcelotOcelot Posts: 4

    If you are still in the market for a tri bike I have just listed one in the For Sale section. 49cm Quintana Roo Chicqila. Fantastic bike - very fast. It was £1100 when I bought it and the components are top notch as a result - mainly ultegra and dura ace.

    If you are interested have a look at the itam in the other forum and contact me.

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