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Smashed my PB at the weekend !

Nice. I fancy a go at that downstream swim! What sort of time would you normally expect to knock a 750m in?


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    normally 15 / 16 min 750m in a pool ........... all the real gain was the bike but do like that downstream swim !
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    Had to tell someone .......... raced Athy (Ireland) on Saturday and had my best ever time, i know its a fast course but I took over 12 minutes off my PB ......... for a sprint .....................

    1hr 17 mins 55 secs .........

    10.03 swim (750m downstream - so a nice quick swim),

    2.01 T1,

    35.24 20km bike (smashed my PB by 7 mins on the bike),

    2.02 T2,

    28.17 5km run (still injured - so not good)

    my transitions were slow due to chain coming off halfway to bike mount and I just had to have the socks for the run ..........

    But I'm delighted with the bike, when my injury finally clears I know I have 3/4 mins to lose on the run ........... Athlone in 6 weeks !!
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    well done sounds great, racing down stream in ballina in july, looking forward to it, bet it was strange racing in irish sunshine, no gale force winds or hail bouncing off your head.
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    must have been the t-shirt?!?!?

    Nice one mate [;)]
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    handangeohandangeo Posts: 32
    Well Done I did the OD. The swim back 400m upstream was hell!

    Pretty warm on the bike and very hot for the run - My tummy was in bits on the run - I think I swallowed

    some of the lovely river the week before and am still feeling the effects - at both ends i may add!!

    I finished in 2hrs 49 for my first tri so I happy

    Well done again
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    well done on that for a first tri - thats great .............. great advert for Irish Triathlon, brilliantly organised with wave times etc !
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Congrats - great effort everyone :D ... going to have to try this downstream swimming seams like fun ;)

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