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Swim speed - or lack of!

Fitness isn't your problem if you can swim 2100M.

Technique is they key. You need to go to a swim technique class or get some lessons. I've been going to a class since January and it's helped me greatly (though I am still very average) - I make an effort to practice all the drills rather than just bashing up and down the pool.

You're right though not to worry too much - especially at sprint distance. 12 minutes for 500M is not quick, but if you can do that at a relaxed pace that is they key. It's better (IMO) to be a tad slower on your swim and to still have energy left for the bike. No point killing yourself to knock two minutes off your swim if the effort means you take an extra ten minutes on the bike.

Bopomofo is the forum's resident fish, he will probably have some decent advice.


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Its a technique thing. I am not great as I do 400m in 8 mins. I keep watching people go past me looking like they arnt trying.

    I think a lesson or 2 might be the way foward.
  • handangeohandangeo Posts: 32
    Some advice please. I have been training for the past few months for my first tri - www.triathy.com but cant seem to increase

    my swim speed. I currently swim 12 mins for 500 metres, 24 mins 1000m and last night 50 mins 2100m - no matter what i do speed stays the same. I can go all out for maybe 200m but cant keep that intensity and tend to drop back to a more relaxed pace. I have watched training videos online etc but it seems better to stick with the swim as it is and maybe try and improve bike and run?

    Your opinions please!
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Definitely get some lessons and get your technique sorted.

    The other thing to consider - and what has helped me - is intervals.

    Endurance sessions are great and give you confidence to do the distance but I've found intervals have really improved my times. I might do say 5x100s at about 1.40-1.45 pace with 10 secs between each. That's probably about 10 secs quicker than I do 100s in a 400m swim. I was doing over 8 minutes, now around the 7.30 mark.
  • As people say its all technique, I'm the same can swim all day but at no great speed as my technique is dubious .............. you'll be fine in Athy much quicker as its a downhill swim - doing it myself and can't wait - see you on the start line !
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Love that, downhill swim. lol

    Are we talking waterfall here?
  • handangeohandangeo Posts: 32
    Thanks for the advice - [i'm actually doing an olympic tri and then a 1/2 ironman in August!]

    Hopefully the swim will improve by then.

    How many intervals should i do just 5 x 100 or multiples of this?
  • sure I wish it was a downhill swim, down hill bike leg and then slight downhill gradient for the run ............ trouble there are no mountains big enough in Athy !!
  • handangeohandangeo Posts: 32
    sorry again but............How many intervals should i do just 5 x 100 or multiples of this?
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    handangeo wrote:

    sorry again but............How many intervals should i do just 5 x 100 or multiples of this?

    For Half Iron work on 10 x 200m or 5 x 400m, I have found through perseverance with these distances my 1.9km (and if I double the sets) my 3.8km pace has improved alot. Working on 100m sets is ok for sprint or oly tri but for HIM or IM swims you really want to crank up the distances of your intervals.

    Also pay attention to your technique, when you do these sets for the first time have at least 25sec recovery time between each set, then as you get stronger decrease the rec time. You'll be ripping through the water like a greased eel in no time.

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