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My first Tri OD Triathy next weekend

www.triathy.com - Anybody else on here taking part [was going to say competing - but i will be taking part!]



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    Good luck in that, the swim should be a doddle as they are looking to make the 1500m all down stream if the current stays the same as it is at the moment ............

    Doing the sprint myself and still nursing an injury ........... hope fully the weather will hold and all 2455 entrants will have a great experience !!
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    handangeohandangeo Posts: 32
    Did the swim yesterday as oart of the swim athy race........my first OW swim in a wetsuit.

    The wetsuit really restricted my shoulders and fatigued fast. I need to make sure to pull

    it up more for next saturday. Current was strong yesterday and would not have made it back upstream.

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