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pull bouys!!!

wow just been for my swim session yep full of "swim clowns" and discovered a pull bouy, my mate lent it to me , did my 500m swim then had a go with it wow i was like a torpedo just using my arms , my tecnique needs sorting out how do i do it?? i know i have to lift my legs higher any tips from yhe pros out there!!! ps i dont want to get lazy using this awsome piece of kit


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Pull Bouys are a good training aid for OW swimming as it gives you a similar bouyancy sensation to wearing a wetsuit. During a OW wetsuit swim I'll hardly kick at all because my wetsuit provides enough bouyancy for me to just swim with my arms.

    However I dont over-do the use of PBs as having a strong kick is needed when doing poolbased Triathlon. Also you'll have a harder cardio based swim when using your kick.

    A session I like is using a Pull Bouy and PT paddles combined. PT paddles are a hand paddle that gives the same sensation as "closed fist" swimming drills. http://www.ptpaddles.com/v2/

    So the session goes like this :

    200m Hard effort Front crawl then 200m pull bouy and PT Paddles X 10

    when you go back to swimming the 200m Hard effort you feel like you've got dustbin lids for hands and you get an excellent "feel" for the water.
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    If you want to get your legs higher. Dip your head into the water more. ie Look a few metres ahead instead of the usual 3 or 4. This forces your ass up.

    Also physically push your ass out the water and straighten your back, get used to rolling onto your side instead of twisting.

    I do a session where I swim 25 metres and stretch my toes and my hands. I end up doing about 15 arm strokes, but it gets me more streamlined.
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    I agree with JasonB on the head thing. We were told to try imagine as if you were swimming downhill, and amazingly after a few goes, your bum does lift a little, so lifts the legs too.
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    To get your legs higher in the water, you need to lengthen your stroke.

    One drill that can help you achieve this is 'catch up' swum like regular freestyle, but leaving the leading arm stationary and extended in front pointing in the direction you are travelling. When the other arm performs the stroke (finishing at your hips preferably), and moves forward to 'catch up' with the other arm they switch places.

    This gives you a longer more streamlined profile (provided you have good shoulder turn) and also balances your body in the water automatically bringing your legs up.

    Try lying on your back with your arms crossed and your legs with sink. Now extend your arms fully over your head pointing in the opposite direction to your feet. You're legs will rise in the water.

    Same principle. Definitely worth investing in a few lessons though if you can, it's all about technique!
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    I really like pull bouys, they make me really fast, but I don't think that using them helps much. I use them for 2 reasons.

    [ul][*]To isolate arms, I can forget what the bottom half is doing, and concentrate on rotation and arms.

    [*]As a rest set, in between two main sets. ie 400m FC, rest 1min, 400 PB @ FC+1min time, rest 1min, 400m FC.

    [/ul]They really mess my balance up, and as soon as I take it away I feel as though I'm sinking again. Best thing for keeping the back end up is balance drills and practice.

    Oh, remembered another good use for PB's. I pulled a muscle in my quad last year and could barely move it. I used the pull buoy for about 4 weeks to maintain fitness whilst swimming. I felt so slow in week 5 though :(.

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    steve785steve785 Posts: 52
    cheers guys im going to just use the pb now and again to work my arms and shoulders .... they are good though!!! i think i need lessons
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I can;t stand using the PB's - makes my legs sink lol
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    Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    I used to like pull buoys until I discovered swim fins. Like aztechnology above, I found the buoy actually impeded my balance during rotation. Fins just allow you to concentrate on the upper body by giving you that little bit more thrust from the feet to help keep the legs up. Plus, they promote a shallower (more streamlined) kick because if you kick too fast or deep (too much up/down), you can really feel it. Helped me bring my frantic kick into the realms of normality.
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