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Numb Legs/Feet after Bike leg

cw_74cw_74 Posts: 11
I used to get a numbness in my right big toe - very specific and took ages for the feeling to come back. I could actually stick a pin in the end of it - that's how much it was asleep.

I spoke to someone in the know and ever so slightly loosened one of my ratchet strap on my shoes when on the bike and it's now much better.

Did a 70 miler the other day and by the time I finished it had come back a little but not anywhere near as bad as it was.

I think I've got stupid shaped feet.


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    cw_74cw_74 Posts: 11
    Hi all

    Took part in the Eton Tri on Saturday and although I do normally get numb feet I suffered worse than before after the bike leg and took the whole first lap of the run to get any sort of feeling back into my feet and calf muscles.

    A quick surf of the web points to tight cleats (mine were not too tight), possible seat and tailbone issues where it affects the tailbone and putting new inner soles into my shoes.

    Anyone get this and resolved the problem?

    Cheers all

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    CCSCCS Posts: 53
    I tend to suffer from this too - particularly after longer rides.

    What I have found helps is not to do up my shoes too tight - I use normal road shoes so I keep the bottom 2 staps fairly loose but make sure the top one is reasonably tight.

    I also find that giving my toes a bit of a wriggle around every now and then while I am riding seems to help keep the circulation going and make sure I have some feeling in my feet when I finish.
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    MGMG Posts: 470
    I used to get this ALOT when I had a Selle Italia saddle, changed that to a Profile one (still got numbness) I'm now using a Specialized saddle and havnt had numb feet since....

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    I definitely suffer from this.

    I got really numb feet on Saturday at Eton after the bike and as a result struggled to get my trainers on as could feel when little toe wasn't in trainer!

    I'm actually wondering whether putting socks would be turn out to be a time saver rather than struggling with trainers in transition.
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I reckon its your setup. I did Eton and there was no numbness at all... not even cold.
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