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Sea Swimming in Shoreham

I'm a decent (ex-comp) pool swimmer living in Shoreham-by-Sea, looking for company swimming in the sea once a week over the summer. Either before or after work. Have entered the Great North Swim in Sept (1 mile) & want to get fit to give it a good go.

I've met sea swimmers from Brighton but due to young kids / time constraints, don't have time to drive in. Happy to head Lancing/Worthing way as closer.

Let me know if you're interested ... . I don't like swimming in open water on my own. Yes I know it's sad.


  • Hi there. I live in Crawley, so Lancing is only about half hour away. I do work shifts, but would happily try to arrange to meet and do some swims. Like you, I am an ex competition swimmer and need some open water practice. PM me and we'll try and arrange a swim.
  • Gary.G.Gary.G. Posts: 5

    i live on the beach and swim in the sea now and then, during the summer. A swimming partner would be good and will save a bit on pool charges too.

    Pm me your number, it may be easier to talk.

    Normally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are out, as i sail.

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