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Frankfurt Ironman July

I'm entered into the Germany Ironman (Frankfurt) this summer.. in my first year as a 'triathlete'. My training has been going well and i'm looking forward to the big day.. however i was looking for some advice.. i'm feeling a little weak on the hill climbs at the moment.. is it worth doing extra work on them between now and July 5th to try and strengthen or should i continue with my training as is..

I live down in sussex so have plenty of hills to go and climb ;-)

any advice would be much appreciated...



  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    What is the course like in Germany - any hills ?

    Silly questions but if that's your A race then try and taper your training to be event specific.

    I would like to add however that I am NOT an Ironman in any way shape of form but think carefully about the type of course your going to attack and try and do similar training leading up to the big day.

    Best of luck

  • MillszolaMillszola Posts: 5
    Here is a profile of the course..


    i think to be honest i want to be stronger on hill climbs all round.. but i see your point about tapering training to the event..

    do you think there is much benefit to doing hill climb 'sets'.. 1 hill 6 times trying to get up there quicker.. or is it best to just go out on a hilly ride !?

  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Having completed IM Frankfurt which you will find absolutely fantasic ( its a great IM race) the hills are not too bad. One is long but the incline is good. I am strong but not great at climbing hills with speed, I simply get my rhythm and get up them. There are thousands of spectators on the course especially where the climbs are so you get plenty of encouragement, so relax & enjoy. If you are including hills in your training & as long as they are not too easy for you, you will be fine. What gearing have you got on your bike by the way? Have a great race & enjoy the day. [:D]
  • MillszolaMillszola Posts: 5

    I've got 09 Kona Zing

    Gears: 20 Speed. Shimano 105 [F]. Shimano Ultegra [R].

    Shifter: Shimano 105

    I find i need to go down into easier gears quite quickly on the hills.. perhaps try and stay as high gear as poss during training will help build strength!?

    Only 36 days to go!!! actually excited!

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