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Pool Tri - What to Wear?

being of the other sex - I can't comment on a sports bra, but would say wear a tri-suit for the entire race, no messing about then with clothes ........


  • I'm doing my 1st pool tri in a few weeks and need some advice on what to wear. Do I wear my sports bra under my costume and then do the bike and swim in my costume (under other clothes?)

    Any advice welcome!

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    If you have a tri-suit then wear that for all three disciplines. It will save you soo much time on the fourth discipline, yes there are 4...... transistion.

    You don't want to post good times on the swim and bike, only to ruin it by faffing about in T1, T2.

    Having said that, if cash is an issue then I will need to hand you over to our female friend as being a bloke I do not know a thing about sports bra's.

    A decent tri-suit will set you back about £50 - £80, depending on what you want. The cheaper is then the worse it will be for shedding water, chamios pad etc.

    I got mine from Wiggle, for £60. Its not the best but will do me for my first season.

  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Hi there,

    For my first ever tri last year I wore a swim top and tri-shorts, and flung a cycling jersey on in transition. Found it fiddly and uncomfortable and for the rest of my races I bought a tri-suit. If you're only going to do the one race ever, then go for tri-shorts and swim bra top, if you're planning to do more then a tri-suit is the way to go.

    Hope that helps!

  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    i'm with blurredgirl on this...in fact i've just bought a tri suit and have a set of tri shorts and top going if you want to buy them...pm your details if you are interested...i've only worn them twice but wanted to give a trisuit a go...

    i didn't bother adding any clothes at transition...just kept with the gear and it does make it easier at transition...sometimes people put stuff on as they feel they are cold from the swim...guaranteed, once you start cycling..you'll soon warm up [:)]
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    Hi, I did my first pool tri this weekend and had the same worry as you - didn't want to buy a tri suit in case it all went horribly wrong and I didn't ever use it again (actually had a great time and can't wait for the next one!).

    I wore my swim suit with a fairly light sports bra underneath, I usually use Bendon and the material is quite thick so I wanted something else for the swim, and then put on shorts and a T-shirt over the top for the bike/run. I was surprised that it was fairly comfortable, it was a fiddle in transition but I was only going out to finish and get some experience. Next time I will definitely get a number belt though. My bargin with myself is no new kit apart from that until I've lost 10 kgs so we'll have to see about the tri shorts and top [:)]

    Hope you enjoy your race!

  • RockmonkeyRockmonkey Posts: 14
    Hiya I did a try a tri last year and swam in a swim suit then added footy shorts and a t-shirt at T1. It was a bit of faff but did the job. The only investment I made then was a pair of elastic laces which was brilliant. Trying concentrate on T1 and tie laces would be tricky & frustrating.

    I've got my 1st sprint at the end of the month & bought a tri suit from Pro Bike Kit. They have their own brand for about £50 or Craft trisuits for £38.

    Good luck [:D]
  • Siobhan,

    my partner (who's a 36F) swims & runs in her sports bra, w/o a swimsuit on top... she's more interested in support than looks, and her bra is more 'bra' than 'swimsuit'. (bottoms are normal swim pants)

    As this is your first tri, don't worry about shaving seconds off your transition time... you might want to put cycling shorts on over your trunks before the bike part, for example...

    In short, you'll only ever _add_ clothes after the swim... but the other points about over-heating are valid, you'll just have to gauge on the day.... just enjoy the experience!
  • CCSCCS Posts: 53

    I would definitely second what others have said - that a tri suit is a good investment.

    Sports bra under whatever you decide to swim in is definitely a good idea (I couldn't run without one) - it would be a real faff trying to put one on when wet. The one I use is fairly thick, so not the quickest drying, but I still found it comfortable for the bike / run.

    Good luck with your first race!
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226

    I have found wearing a thin sports bra under a tri suit the best and quickest / most comfortable way. I also have very cheap Quintana Roo tri top and shorts which were about £5 each which I use for training but would be fine to race in and they were from JE James cycles website; old stock but I like em. I always overheat so wouldn't bother putting anything on top for the cycle/run- the cooler the better.

    Hope that helps!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I see JE James cycles have a QR trisut for $24 quids. Not sure on the size but that has to be the bargin of the day!
  • [left]Thanks everyone for the advice! I will probably buy a tri suit next year but for my first go I want to keep it simple. Been looking for tri shorts this morning but found the leg band a little tight on a size 12 but fine everywhere else and the size 14 was better on the leg band but hardly the "2nd skin" the mags say they should be! It's confusing but I guess I'll get there! Wish me luck...[/left]
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Good Luck. A good TRI shop should be able to give you all the advice you can ever need. Try TRIUK in Yeovil I bought a suit in there at the weekend and they spent ages woth me getting it right!
  • They were great when I bought my wetsuit, but I've already been in 3 times today - I'll start looking suspicious if I go in again so leaving it for a few days to mull over!
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