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What wheels please?

Alright All,

After much uming and rrring I have decided to buy a new bike and am getting a Cervelo Team soloist (Borrowed one from bike ahop for 1 week and i love it!). I am fitting it out with Shimano Dura ace amongst other bits.

The question is wheels?? The bike they leant me has Zipp 404's on. V nice but pricey!!

I am prepared to pay £800 max for a quality set of wheels. I have been looking at Easton, Reynolds, Dura ace. I want them for training, racing etc etc so want a good all rounder but also something that will go nice and fast if i can just push the pedals hard and fast enough!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be grand. thanks Chris


  • Hi there Chris,

    My 2p worth - have just purchased a pair of HED Jet 60's, though you may be loooking for the 50's if you are training on them as well.

    With skewers, cassette and postage(no tyres) they came to a smidge over 700 so well within your budget.

    Havent raced on them yet but havent read any bad stories about them so should be fine.

    May not be as good as Zipps but unless your elite level - which I am definately not - the small time difference vs cost is a no brainer.

    Hope this helps,

  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Cheers E.T - they do look/sound good. Still cant decide but they definately look like an option! Too many options!
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Planet X pro carbon 50's? or they do a set with a 101mm rear and an 82mm front.....


    both sets are less than £600!
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