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first road bike for triathlon training

I have a budget of about £300 for a road bike. I know it will not get me alot but wanted a second hand preferably for a decent set up. I'm from Southampton and so was looking for a bike ASAP as I've already started my training but need to start biking.

Any help would be great!!



  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    have you looked on the for sale page? for £300 you can get a basic bike from decathlon (scored high in 220 before they tried the £500 one!), have look at chaireaction and wiggle as they've got a big sale on sometimes upto 50%!
  • hi there. im selling my ambrosio bike with sora groupset (tiagra front mech). its £350 and is only 10 months old. has been serviced twice in this time and runs well.

    4 week old Shimano road SPD's can come with the bike for an extra £20.

    just thought id mention it as you were looking.
    Cheers, Gordon
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