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When to eat?

I've entered in to my first 10k race in 10 weeks time and started my training but I can't seem to time my meals right, I either end up hungry and drained of energy half way through or bloated with stomach cramps where I've obviously eaten too much/too close to my training. If someone wouldn't mind helping out with a bit of advice, what do you eat, how much and how long before running?

If it helps at all I run at two different times, either in the evenings (7:30pm or there abouts) or at lunch time (between 1 and 2pm).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



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    bunongbunong Posts: 49
    For a totally unscientific (almost) newbie response.

    I don't eat anthing of substance in the last 1.5 to 2hrs before I run. I did a couple of weeks ago and had a shocking time thinking I was going to be sick. The 10K felt more like 20K and turned into an endurance event rather than the time trail I was planning.

    Having said that at events I do have a gel pack and good slurp of sports drink about twenty minutes before the start and that doesn't have any side effects. So it depends on what and how much your eating.

    No doubt one of the more 'senior' members will give you a Phd thesis on the subject. Hopefully they do, so I can tell my fellow runners on a training run - it makes them run quicker to get away from me[:D]
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    It isn't always when, but what. I can tolerate fruit & juices & some cereals quite late (30 mins) before training, but anything fatty (nuts, peanut butter) or with much protein in I can't tolerate. The main strategy for me is never get too hungry, eat throughout the day, find what you can tolerate & how 'late' you can tolerate it & go from there.
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