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For Goodness Shakes - nutrition prior to race

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of doing the Sprint Tri this Sunday, and would be starting at 11:30am with the 30-39 age group.
Wanted to get some advice on what I should be doing in the last 24 hours before the race especially nutrition: when and what to eat/drink.

BTW - I noticed from another post that the men & women will be launched together and that the age groups are in batches of 10 years and not 5 as suggested from the original race info, which I take as registration being much less than expected. Hmmm....


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Unless you are expecting to be particularly slow, the following should do... its what I have suggested to rugby players that have a similar time frame to a sprint to deal with, plus a bit pre race that I wouldn;lt ever suggest to a rugby player cos they won't do it!.

    Lead up : no alcohol for several days. Eat "clean" for a couple of days keading up to race day... complex carbs (wholewheat pasta and bread, spuds, rice, veggies, cereals etc), (lean) protein (chicken and fish good, pulses, beans) etc. ry to aboid overly processed foods with included sugars and fats. But you don;t have to go daft about this Fruit. Lots of water. Sleep well!

    Race Day: higher GI breakfast/meal (to avoid needing to do a number 2!)... white bread etc 3 hours before race. High GI snack 90 minutes before race start (white bread jam sandwich?). Hydrate all morning (sensibly . Cup of strong cofee/red bull etc within an hour of the off (caffeine helps).

    Race: Basicaly you shoudn;t need much for a race this long. Water on the bike should be sufficient to be honest for basic hydration (important), but if it makes you feel better use an energy drink (or if you are cheap stronger squash mix + a pinch of salt ;-). If you feel better about it maybe a gel as you start your run (or a jam sandwich!). But no need to stock up your bike with three bottles and pockets of gels and bars, and no need to take a bottle of water on the run.

    Post race : carbs within 20 minutes of finishing- jam sandwich etc. Good carb & protein meal within a few hours. Hydration with electrolytes (recovery drink, nuun, squash with salt!). No alcohol for 4 hours.

    Job done.

    I'll leave it to you to consider which bits are ignored by rugby players!!

    But don't get stressed about it. Just eat decently leading up to the race, nothing too "rough" on race day to keep the bowels in control, plenty of hydration and a bit of carbs afterwards to help your recover.


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Ill be racing here too..... in the 25-29 age group last off as part of the 17-29 AG i think??

    This is my Nutrition plan...

    Eat as normal leading upto race, no need to carb load.
    Breakfast - bowl of cereal (muesli and a banana)
    Mid Morning - sarnies and an energy bar
    Race -weak squash throughout bike, nothing on run
    After - FGS and some kind of solid food not sure what yet.... prob pizza or an indian lol

    No need to go for gels, loads of energy drink etc as its only a sprint, youll prob race worse if you stuff yourself.

    Above all enjoy it!:)
  • u_j_2001u_j_2001 Posts: 47
    Hi didds, hussler,

    thank you both for your answers, very helpful.

    Good luck didds for the race, weather should be great.
    I really hope I can make it as I need to shake off this annoying chest infection/inflammation, with a bit of luck (and antibiotics) it will be sorted by Sunday.
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