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Ban Breastroke from Tri?

Okay i've changed this post a little as Jack say's below a full bottle of wine and then posting is probably not a good idea. But an 1:15 tuebo session has cleared the crap.

So should breastroke be banned from Tri?

Would it be good riddance and force people to train and learn the most effective stroke for tri?

Or, force people from the sport.



  • RockieRockie Posts: 40
    Sounds fishy. What's your source?
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Rockie wrote:

    Sounds fishy. What's your source?

    He's rather foolishly leaking a top secret document that's supposed to be released a month from tomorrow. I suspect that in an attempt to out do everyone on the "drinking hall of shame" thread, his tongue has been loosened, and he has forgotten about the proper process for revealing this kind of info. Timing is key.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I voted NO, cause there were only two possible answers.

    My real vote would go out to: NO, but people swimming breast stroke should start at the back of the pack! For the sake of just kicking each other instead of people wanting to pass who swim properly.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I voted no,when you get kicked in the face you tend to skull to steady yourself get your breath back,skulling looks a little like breaststroke,try enforcing the rule.as above if everyone seeds themselves accordingly then there should not be a problem,but sadly the Devil will be going to work on ice skates when that happens.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    What is it with all these elitist bullshit threads, for christs sake, so when you started swimming you just got in the water and swam perfect front crawl did you?

    Its really starting to get at me this kind of stuff, this is supposed to be an all inclusive sport, anyone should be allowed to take part, swim breaststroke if they like, ride a mountain bike if thats all they have, next you'll be telling people that unless they do forefoot running they cannot take part.

    Give it a rest please, its getting more than old.
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Seems a bit unfair Tom?

    Legitimate question asking would it work or drive people away.

    I suspect we all started as breastrokers and trained up and probably still struggling to get better.

    As with the sport the forum is all inclusive and why shouldn't it have a place for newbie threads, middle of the pack (what happened to him?) threads and controversial threads.

    There are plenty of threads that don't interest me so i leave them alone.

    So everyone Yes or No?

  • NO, NO, absolutely NO!!! As Tommi said, it seems like just another way to make triathlons available for elites only.

    I intend to do my first tri this year and, although I'm learning FC and not doing too badly, it would be nice to know I can revert back to breaststroke if I get into any sort of difficulty. Banning breaststroke would, IMO, be the deathknell of the sport - for newbies, at least...

  • there are times when swimming you simply have to, like when you get the old smack in the nose and your own blood is running down the back of the throat.

    I agree with benny make them start at the back!!!

    ps. no benny, the RED blood didn't make me swim any quicker..........
  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Yeah I totally agree with Benny.

    It would have excluded me last year - who could quite swim the full distance FC and ad to revert to BS.

    Interesting poll though.
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    YAWN...............and while we're at it lets ban all bikes which arnt road bikes!! and lets also ban people who walk abit on the run aswell?!! No, it would be a F****** stupid idea!
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Sorry GHarv if my comments sounded a little aggressive, but I have to be honest this thread, like a few of the others really did annoy me. I haven't been writing on this forum for long, maybe a year or so, but this subject has come up so many times. I can see how it can be annoying when you are a fast swimmer and you're held up by breaststrokers, and it is a great idea for them to be starting at the back of the pack, as thats where they will end up anyway, but to ban it all together?

    I'm sure you were just asking it innocently, and as you say there is of course a place for any kind of thread on the forum, it just annoys me that there have been quite a few of these threads recently that seem intent on labeling our sport as elitist and unwelcoming.

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Its a sport for all. If breast stokes your thing then surely you put down a slower time and end up with the rest of the breast strokers.

    It might put the cat back amunge the pigeaons after the posts we have had about elitests and kit cost!
  • RockieRockie Posts: 40
    Dunno what's the big deal... ever since I just started swimming, I've always preferred FC to BS, and I can do it forever.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    A fast breastroker can pass my average FC....
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