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CBoardman, Shocking Customer service

I just phoned Halfords bike hut as I would really like a CBoardman Pro, and I wanted to discuss the option of swapping some components and so forth.

I was then told they would only get one in if I laid down a 50% deposit and if the bike fits and I decide I don't like it's none refundable They also said I would be able to ride it

So they want me to guess my size and whether I like it by looking at it and pay £750 for that privilege. Why oh why are these very highly recommended bikes only available at Halfords, such a shame.

Can I get one from anyone else?


  • i bought a boardman bike last year, whilst i've had very few problems with the bike it's self, other than the normal bearings etc. halfords have been an absolute torture, the most clue less bunch i have ever have the misfortune to come across, i for some strange reason, left the bike in for servicing twice both times its come back either no diffrent to when it went in or on the last time, i checked the chain when i got home and found a link within a couple of revolutions of falling apart. i know i should have serviced it my self but due to time etc, i thought they could at least be capable of a simple service. i like the bike, and after reading a few reviews, they do come out well, so why does someone with a reputation like chris boardman allow his name become a laughing stock over halfords. Currently looking for a tt bike needless to say will be heading to the lbs.
  • No idea if this is useful at all but after seeing this thread I went on the boardman bikes webpage to see what the bikes are like. They look pretty nice, but after a bit of random clicking around and I discover that Boardman are doing a TT frame, and perhaps a new road frame under the label Boardman Elite (http://www.boardmanelite.com). These may well be beyond most peoples price bracket (certainly beyond mine) but it mentions that the elite range is distributed by Terry Dolan of Italian Solutions... it's a very long shot but maybe this is could be a way getting hold of the 'standard' range without having to go through Halfords?
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I've actually contacted him before regarding the TT frame, £2,200 if anyone is interested. But oh so nice!

    But your right he might be worth contacting regarding the Carbon Pro?

    Thanks for the suggestion...
  • £2,200 for the frameset? Definitely waaaay beyond my budget... it'll have to wait till I win the lottery!

    Contacting dolan does seem like a long shot, but probably worth a phone call.
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    My three year old did like the Thomas The Tank Engine bike from Halfords, I was also shocked that he chose them to distribute his bikes. Great bike shame about the shop. How long is C Boadman tied into Halfords for?
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