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I've got 5 sprints under my belt, some improvement but still room for improvement. I had been looking at my training I prob would admit its quantity rather than quality.

I've just been dropped a bombshell that I'm getting moved in my work, to another construction site which is basically a 2hr drive each way from my house. I will have the option to work a few days per week from a more local office but this is seriously going to eat into my time for training and spending time with the wife.

Does anybody have a specific training plan that they could share with me thats specifically devised with OD in mind, that possibly reflects restrictive time?

Tri is now important to me with the level of investment put into it I want to get some return. Joined tri club so this will take into account for one/ maybe two nights of the week but I'm need some plan that is aimed or can be adopted to where times are restrictive. To give some indication, I'll be leaving at 6am to start at 8am and leaving at 6pm and home at 8pm so possibly running in the afternoon, maybe a swim if its nearby (dunno yet).

Can anyone please please help me...... this has been a major blow to me and I've got my first OD in 4weeks now. Its not what I needed.



  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Sorry to gere that S11.

    Could you take the bike with you in the car to work. Then leave the car some distance from the house on way home and ride rest of way home - riding back to the car in morning?!?!? Best i can come up with i'm afraid....

    Good luck.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    doubt it as I need to be able to travel anywhere at any given time. I had thought about that but this is the reason why I don't cycle to work. My current work place is 30miles from home so a Friday would be an ideal day to get a long session in but......

    I need help, must be folks out there who can help
  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Mate without wanting to sound like a cnut,

    You have to do what your doing now, just around the new work time.

    It dont matter what plan someone comes up with you still have to find time to do it.

    The only way is to do what you can during the lunch hours and set aside two/three evenings after work to train. and the other days spend with your family.

    Are you free weekends, if so speak to the trouble an strife agree to have two or three hours training on any day her choice and then spend the rest with the family.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Your not being a cnut,

    Its appreicated.

    What I really wanted to know is that there must be others in my situation. what do they do to maintain quallity rather than quantity?

    I'm already trying to devise a training plan from back issues of 220 but I was keen to hear about others.


  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    The thing i do is to change my plan month on month dependant on how the training is going.

    I have cheat sheets that i take to the pool, so my time isnt wasted thinking about what i should be doing.

    I have also added some longer rides into my plan, you could always do a nice long ride with the family at the weekend.

    do you have any children, my son loves it when i run and he rides his bike next to me, that way i'm killing two birds with one stone.

    I am quite lucky that i work some very training friendly hours, but before when i didnt i had to train before work and after work, it was the only time i could do anything.

    good luck
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