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Bike Route Ideas

Hi everyone,

I've finally signed up for triathlon's in a few months with a view to more serious participation next season but I'm having trouble finding routes that I could train on the bike.

I live in Bromley (north-west Kent/south-east London) and looking for routes around this area (more than prepared to drive out). Basically I'm looking for routes that are either off roads or routes that don't have too much traffic so I can just concentrate on the cycling.

If anyone has any ideas it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i don't know the area you are wanting to ride from, but if you don't find anyone who does then you could try the mapmyride site, you can search areas for routes left by other people, you might find something interesting that way.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    other than that, target times of the day that will be traffic light. I know the area a little from 20+ years ago and guess that your light traffic may still be heavy compared to wiltshire (!) but starting out at 6 am on Sunday morning should be fairly quiet.

    Your bigger problem will be driving out anywhere given the relative speed of traffic where you are.


    Do you have any largish parks you could get a couple of mile circuit in, and just do loops? (tedious though that is)

  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    hi there, i had this problem this season (my first) as i wasn't used to finding good cycling roads.

    on a sunday i go out on the bike and have an explore for about 3 hours, at a fair pace but nothing to intense as i usualy end up lost or 20 miles from home! so take a map, then jump on google maps when you get home and find the good roads youve been on, you can also use the direction tools to find out distances, i do this for bike and run, its been really good, once you find out what roads you like you can have a look on google and see if any others look similar, i have a new 40 mile rout to try out on sunday, also if you have a gmail account (free) you can save map plans and info,

    i would go as far as saying google maps should have been in the top 20 triathlon tools this issue!

    hope somthing helps and best of luck


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