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Hang on lads, I've got an idea! TT / Racer crossbreed!

Taking a nod from the Cube Aerium Pro, I've gotten it into my head that rather than spring for a TT bike I'm going to build a TT bike using my road gear.
Tri Bars on a road bike still leave you with road bike geometry to overcome when trying to to get Aero, and TT bikes suffer on hill climbs.
I quote, "Integrated brake and gear levers on the drop bars aren't true triathlon options, and moving your hands from the tri bars for every shift is a bit of a pain when you’re trying to minimise drag.
But, on the plus side, they do make group riding and steeper climbing and/or descending sections easier and safer. And you’ll be well in credit if you decide you want to switch to a more aerodynamic front-end arrangement.
Regardless of the cockpit you end up with, the key point is that the Cube is a true aero bike, not just a road bike with tri bars stuck on the front.
The steep seat angle means you never feel cramped, while the short head tube allows a low, flat-backed ride position to reduce drag and the frame is pretty aerodynamic."
http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... o-09-33029

I've managed to build up some decent components now: Campag Veloce Ultra Torque chainset, Campag Veloce groupset (brakes, shifters, etc) Campag Zonda wheels, Profile T2 bars, etc.
So I'm thinking of shifting the lot over to a Planet X Stealth frame or one of the new Ribble TT frames (due out July).
The drop bars and tri bars will allow me to adjust to an aero setup whilst allowing the versatility for hill climbs and training.


  • if you are after a frame that has the Aero benefits of a TT frame and the versitility of a road frame then that is exacty what the cervelo S1 is desiged for. you can buy the frame and build it up with either your existing road or TT components. This was probably my top option when buying a bike recently but I needed the full buildup and if I wanted semi decent components it was out of my range. Loving my Focus instead though!

    http://www.bikesportmichigan.com/review ... 2009.shtml
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