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Bournemouth Sprint Sunday 5th July

Hi all,

I have been reading through the many success stories over the past couple of months and I wanted to share my experience of my first triathlon - The Bournemouth sprint.

Leading up to the race I had managed to calm all my nerves and prepare for what was in front of me. I knew deep down I had done some good training on the lead up to this event therefore I knew on the bike and run things would be ok, however the sea swim was to say the least, a concern!!!

Yesterday morning, it was over cast and slightly windy, which I thought wasnt too bad, until i looked at the water.... The current seemed pretty strong to me, and not being the strongest of swimmers I knew that it was going to be tough - I watched the first wave go out and it looked slow going, therefore I had it in my mind that I just needed to take my time, relax and get through the 20 mins of pain!!!

So then, it was now my waves turn to enter the water - the gun went and it all began. I deliberately stayed to one side to avoid the mely, I got into a rythym pretty early, then got dunked by some bloke which immediately sent my mind spinning - my breathing went to sh*te, my stroke began to splash around and any confidance that I had managed to instill, had dissapeared - it was 24 mins later i appeared from the water thinking I had swam the channel!

So then quick 200m run up the beach and into transition - I managed to get my head together and think about what was next instore! Got on the bike and decided that it was all or =nothing, started strong and before i knew it, I had clocked 10km and was on the return, striaght into a head wind mind which seemed a lot more punishing than riding out of Bournemouth - anyway, it was a case of head down and see what happens. Had a constant ding dong on the bike with some bloke determined to over take me, but not actually go away from me, he seemd to over take, then drop right on my front wheel - It really started to get on my nerves, so 2km from the end, enough was a enough, I mustered up what little I had in my legs and went for it, I really surprised myself - I left the bloke well behind and I think it set me up well for the run, knowing that the adrenaline in me was still alive and kicking!

Back to transition, and stright onto the run - the legs felt good and I managed to post a sub 21 mins run which was my target so all in all really chuffed - finsihed in 1:26 in the end, which by the leaders standards isnt gonna see a 2012 call up, however, i finally proved to myself that I can do this sport, with alot more training and help from the forum I am sure I can master the sea swim and hopefully look to take alot of time off in the coming months / years!!!

Roll on the next event!!!



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    YeppahYeppah Posts: 15
    Great report and very well done!

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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Fantatstic result. Glad you made the swim, and I'm sure it'll get easier the more you do. And good news about taking the bike nemesis, it's always a good feeling.
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