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Any Rookie Day attendees...

entering the Barton OW Sprint?

As a former attendee (May Rookie day 2) I'd thought I'd pop my OW cherry at the site of my first wetsuit swim. I'm a bit too cautious to go straight for an Oly, so I've taken the plunge and signed on the dotted line for August 9th.

It would be nice to see some familar faces, and it would also be nice to meet any of you who've signed up for Les Stables as I've signed up for that as well (unless Conehead's posty has 'diverted' my cheque).

Group hug anyone?


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    ndymndym Posts: 5
    That's good to hear, it'll be nice to put a face to the name.
    Anybody else? I'm not feeling the love

    Conehead, how has the Rookie wave worked out? When I spoke to Simon, he wasn't too sure how he was going to work it.
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