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In order to speed up my T2 time, I tried running today without socks. I normally try to pamper my footsies, but today I though it time to go without. Sat here typing with blisters, that I feel will prevent me running for a couple of days until they have healed. when they do, should I stick with running with socks, and only go sockless when racing (which goes against 'race what you train'), or stick with sockless, endure the pain and wait for the skin to toughen?


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Make sure you have appropriate shoes (i.e. as seamless inside as possible, nothing rubbing etc.).

    Look for some creams/treatments for toughening the skin/protecting the blisters.

    Then go sockless for short runs.. gradually building up the distance till you are toughened up.

    Golden rule: Only ever race in what you have trained in! Otherwise, disaster awaits!
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    I wouldn't have chosen such warm weather to start going sockless, personally......
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    jack's spot on - if you are going to go sockless then you need the right shoes and the right kit to make sure your feet are prepared, and then try to train up to it slowly to get the feet actimatised.

    from experience - don't train with socks and then race without them. i did it earlier this year in an OD and by half distance my feet were very sore. it took nearly a week for the sore spots and blisters to ease enough for me to run again.
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Compeed my friend........compeed.

    Prevention is always better than cure.......but if you have a painful blister then COMPEED blister plasters are a lifesaver.......trust me.

    Compeed.........from boots or your local supermarket.
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    gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    I have always run 5 to 10km without socks, with no problems, however last week for no reason at all my trainers decided to eat my feet. I can only put it down to the heat

    So I don't think its a case of toughening up your feet, more a case of judging the temperature that you are doing your running in. If it was in a race I would just bear the pain, but for training in heat get the socks out.

    White spirit rubbed on your feet for a couple of weeks will toughen up the skin, if you want to go down this route - saved my feet many a time on a long forced march.
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