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Which Ironman in 2010? Heat is an issue.

SpinsSpins Posts: 2
Planning on doing first IM next year.
5 or 6 fellow club members are signing up tomorrow for Ironman Austria 2010.
I sweat a lot and burn very easy.
I'd like to do Austria as I'd have plenty of people to train with but I'm concerned about how hot it might get.
Perhaps I'd be better off doing Ironman UK although then I'd have no-one to train with.
Anybody have any advice or recommendations on
A. IronMan Austria - does it get hot, how hot?
B. Does anyone know where IronMan UK will be in 2010?
C. Any other good recommendations on a good first Ironman bearing in mind my concerns.




  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    IM Austria should be ok,take the usual precautions,sunscreen,lightweight longsleeve light coloured top,and you should be able to cope.European tri's are realy hit or miss with the weather,it could easily be hot or torrential rain.IM NZ from past reports seems to be one of the coolest races.If you start your training now for Austria with the summer heat your body should start to adapt.I am also a prolific sweater and prone to the odd case of sunburn,but taking every opportunity at the aid stations to cool down I cope.
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