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Setting Goals

Hey all. I'm trying to set some goals and would appreciate some thoughts. My main aim is to be able to do OD by August next year. I also intend to sign up to 2 sprints in the few months before this. Currently I can bike 40k and run 10k together. Not brilliant times but I can do the distance.

My issue is swimming. 3 months ago I couldn't swim properly. Am now up to about 260m but with rests in between. I've been avoiding going too much as I don't like not being able to do it, but now it's time to just HTFU.

My natural inclination is to increase the distance of the cycle and run as I like them but I know this won't help in the long run given the distance I want to do.

So, after that rather long pre-amble my plan is to weight training much more towards swimming, especially in the next few months. I will maintain the running and cycling but not try and improve speed until about March of next year.

Do you guys think this is a sensible approach, or should I look to improve speed in run and cylce right from now?

Cheers all.


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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    i think you are along the right lines i would imagine it is best to get the swimming up to distance, while maintaining the bike and run - your speed will increase as your fitness etc does anyway for those two, where swimming is all technique so it's best to get the technique.
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    Dude you can get up to OD easily by next year if you train diligently between now and then. I could barely do 2 lengths when i started and now i can do 60 in about 40 minutes without pushing it too much.

    I never really got why people start off doing sprints and work up...are sprints and OD's and then IM's not completely different races?
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    Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    I would tend to agree, I found my swimming improved very quickly once I'd improved my technique. I'm still not fast, but I can cover some distance now.
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    If your next race isn't until 2010 then spend time buidling your endurance in all three. With the swim, pracice good technique, and as soon as you feel the teechnique falling away, stop, rest, think about waht you're doing, and then sart again. If you start to swim on a regular basis with a poor technique, then that is how you will always swim. In a way you are lucky, because you're new to swimming, you probably don't have poor technique in grained into you. Don't forget, fitness is something you get when you practice good technique.

    By March / Spril next year you'll then have 8-9 months of good base training, and have endurance in all three disciplines, and hopefully a good swimming technique. During May-July 2010 this is when you can start building the speed sessions, and have a few test races before your 'A' race in August.

    You plan seems pretty good to me, really just need to document it, to make sure you don't waste any training time, and then stay focused, and swim. If you're swim isn't improving after a couple of months, then look at having a few lessons, just to fine tune it.

    Good luck
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    people do sprints first because of the distance and to see if they like it ( in my opinion).

    There is no point killing yourself training for an OD if you do a sprint and think, well i didnt like that.

    Also in vertually every sport going you start of little and increase as your ability improves.

    also ( i'm thinking as i'm going here), during my sprints i'm learning loads about transitions, and when to push and when to take it easy etc.

    And with regards to the OP, just get in the pool mate. the only way to improve is to practice, it really is as simple as that.

    I would recommend swimming 3 times a week and each week add some distance, not much maybe 25/50 metres in no time you will be swimming like, well a fish.
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    SwizzlenapSwizzlenap Posts: 160
    Cheers all. Good to know I'm on the right track.

    Coma - The sprints are mainly just for training, confidence and getting used to the environment. I haven't actually done a triathlon yet so they will be my first and I'm a little wary of of jumping straight to OD even though that distance really interests me. I admire anyone who goes straight to OD, never mind those pyschos who jump in at IM distance

    I'm beginning to get what the whole technique thing is about in swimming. At first it was the most frustrating thing I've done in a long time but after a few TI balance drills this week I'm finally starting to feel it click.
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