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Anyone doing/done Brighton Tri??

Alright All,

I am thinking about entering the sprint tri on Sunday 21st September and was just wondering what peolpe thought of this event if they have competed in it before?

I will probably be going to it on my own if i enter so was also wondering if any other 220 tri folk going might want to meet up?

Let me know. Cheers.


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Yup, did the URBANRACE brighton triathlon last year, and definately doing it this year too!! Good event, well organised.

    The swim is in the sea (obviously!) and its a beach start, so its a dash into the water then go for it!! The water at that time of year is flippin' choppy to say the least. Almost got called off last year as the waves were pretty damn big, adds to the fun I say!!!!

    The ride is mostly flat with one medium sized hill on each lap.

    The run is pan flat but as its on the seaside can be a bit windy. You're not gonna get a PB at brighton but it is without doubt a cracking good event!! Do it, I'll see you there!!!!!
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Great stuff - will sign up then. My only concern is the sea swim - happy to swim in the sea as do surfing etc but sort of figured that in Sept in Brighton the sea would be relatively calm?? I.e not like the sea would be in say jan or Feb.

    If the sea swim gets called off does it become a duathlon with a run in place of swim?
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Not sure about that, I'd think thats what they'd do. They must have a contingency plan, its a popular event, and the sea is fairly unpredictable. Did a bit of research on the event last year before I went for it and the swim is renound for being challenging, its not hard, just...err....different!!!

    Their website is fairly good, so maybe ask them what they do in the event of a cancelled swim.

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Get some sea swim practice in at the BHF Bournemouth Pier-to-Pier swim in a couple of weeks time - enter quickly as they are not taking entries on te day any more. See you there? It's 1.4 miles and can be pretty rough since depending on the tide it is sometimes advantageous to swim straight across the surfing break. Err.... dude. Is that surfer speak? [8D]

    I've entered for Brighton on 21st for the Olympic but triathlons are loooking very doubtful for me this year, as a hip pain has turned out to be a potential season-stopper. Pants.

    A mate of mine did Brighton last year and said the sea swim was 'a bit choppy' and lots of people were struggling with it. Mind you, he used to be a lifeguard at Bournemouth so is used to lumpy water. If he said a lot of people were struggling (i.e. managing to get round, but looked like they were having a bad time) then it is probably quite serious.... get some practice in rough water.

    I need to look at the details, but I think it is an out and back triangular course of 2 laps. You can gain a lot by understanding how to swim in a tide (don't aim at the turn point, but build your correction into your swim) and also make sure that you are comfortable breathing 2's on either side.

    Another small point.... I think a lot of people hide flip-flops all over the stones. Brighton beach is a bitch to walk on, much less run. It cannot be described as 'shingle'... more like 'cobble stones' and last time I swam there I experimented with a jog across the stones and nearly ripped the arches out of my feet. Just a thought.....
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Fortunately, they lay a bit of carpet down from swim exit to transition to prevent you from crippling yourself. Plus its fairly steep up the shingle bank, amusing for spectators, interesting for us!!!!
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Well you almost put me off with your tales of the sea but nevertheless I have signed up for the Brighton Sprint Tri. I look forward to it.. I think [&:]!!
  • SwimfanSwimfan Posts: 19
    Is it novice friendly? I've done a couple this year and had mixed experiences. Particularly one where they advertised "ideal for novices" but as there appeared 2be only a few "novices" they were nearly packed up when a small group of us were still finishing....it felt awful

    I've signed up to Brighton on the basis that it didn’t warn that they'd ask you to stop if you didn’t finish the swim by...and the bike by... etc... but neither did my bad experience.
  • stevedavis82stevedavis82 Posts: 110
    I've signed up for this as my last one of the season. Looks like a good event!
  • kikikiki Posts: 2
    Haha I so love British understatement. Did Brighton last year and it was *interesting* to say the least. You learn very quickly after big mouthfuls of salt water to turn your head right up over shoulder to breathe, only try to sight atop the crest of the wave (and do so frequently) and above all, do not try to swim through the waves, but adjust stroke to ride over. Because mother nature always wins. That said, once the panic subsided it was one of the best race experiences i've ever had, and I'll be back in September.
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