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British Tri Fed

Hey all!

A very random question...

I joined the BTF as I thought it would be helpful, reduced entry fees, public liabilty insurance, a good website/magazine etc and best of all a car sticker and the "highly acclaimed" triathlon handbook.

I received all of these, and I was so proud to have the car sticker in my car after I completed my very first triathlon (absolutely loved it, no looking back now). However, to my disappointment I didnt recieve the handbook. I have emailed BTF about 5 times now, and they haven't got back to me regarding my missing book. I could spend hours trawling the internet reading up on all things tri, but I really really would like that book. Just wondering if anybody else has joined recently and if they've received theirs?

P.S my boyfriend also joined BTF, and he didnt receive one either! [:(][:(]


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    Not with the British Fed, but with the Irish side.

    Just wondering on a bit of comparision - not entirely sure what we get for the subscription of 50 Euro - 35 quid, or more like 40 now heheh. Pretty good value,as it saves on the day memberships at each event and no doubt covers all the essential insurances...

    didn't get a car sticker or a nice handbook!!

    Good luck in your search!!


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