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Aero position on a road bike

okennyokenny Posts: 231
I have recently been trying to improve the Aero position on my giant SCR2.0 roadbike and Syntace clip on bars.

I bought a new Profile Design saddle which is great (way more comfort).
I do however notice that I sit far too far back, meaning that the angle at my elbows is much more than the suggested 90-115°.
should I buy a new seatpost so that I sit a bit further forward (just like a tri bike with a 78° seat post)?
Will this improve my position, my power and the condition of my legs after a 70.3 or OD Tri?

thanks guys!


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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    I reckon your best off getting down to a trustee LBS to get your bike fitted properly you might need a shorter stem instead or a few inches off your arms.

    In my opinion which is somewhat limited if you dont know what your looking at get someone who does !!

    A trained eye will pick your problem straight away

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