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Anyone fancy a training session in the stoke area 2moro AM?

Does anyone fancy a training session 2moro morning in the stoke area?? I am doing a short hill rep bike session (about 45mins) on a hill going upto Clayton from Total Fitness car park for those who know Newcastle Under Lyme....

Its one of my key sessions and is a very good session in building power output. Ideal for anyone who wants help with power output increase on the bike.

Off that I will be running 2hours @ about 8mph, anyone who fancies doing that aswell or instead they are more than welcome in joining me for that one.

But as a warning its a run where I run to pace and dont slow/speed up so if your slower/faster than that then it may not be suited to you, however if so wanted you could use it to spin the legs out from the hill reps, its around 16mile loop to run....

I am aiming at leaving TF car park around 9am ish.... hit the hill (400m away) several times:) then dump the bike in the car and set off running....

If not then ill do it on my own as usual:(

Just thought I would offer as a few have posted about increasing power on the bike etc recently....


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Hmmm... One day... but not tomorrow!

    On second thoughts, maybe you should cycle up to Yorkshire - take the sting out of you a bit first
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Unfortunately I dont do weights at this time of the season..... however close season/pre season I may join you for a few weight sessions...

    Awaiting reply regarding the time errors:) bloody regiment always complaining haha
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