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Will I get pneumonia?!

TRJTRJ Posts: 2
Hi, this is my first posting on this forum, though hopefully not my last. I'm due to take part in Sunday's supersprint event at Eton, which will be my first-ever triathlon. I've done some training but am also recovering from a head cold. Without sounding ridiculously melodramatic, am I risking serious illness by swimming in chilly water so soon after being unwell? I hope not as I'm looking forward to Sunday and not planning to push myself too hard. Thanks in advance for your advice, though!


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Define head cold & recovery. I feel your pain as I was due to race Sun gone & succumbed to a cold, which went onto my chest & left me feeling crappy & unable to race, & lost my voice to everyones relief as they could not hear me moaning about not being able to race! Anyhow..enough about me, what I mean is as a rule if it is above the neck OK bit don't go mad, if it below the neck forget it. Ask yourself would you train like this? If not..don't race, you will always race harder than you train & possibly derailing your whole first season if things get worse
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