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Endless pool video analysis

I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a swimming lesson in a endless pool.
i went to a place called http://www.trinswimwell.co.uk in essex with quite amazing results.

They broke my stroke down into small sections and drills and after 2 lessons and a good few hours on my own practicing the drills and re watching my dvd i got my 25m stroke down by 8 strokes (but i was a mega sh*t swimmer before)

I hope this helps someone



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    I haven't but having read a couple threads on this I am now very tempted, I've read a lot on how to improve my stroke but seeing it and having pro advice would really be good. my 25m stroke is lurking around 23, if i concentrate on doing a good fast 200m set I can do about 19strokes but can't maintain it for a longer distance as i get too tired.
    do you do any long sets in the endless pool, or is it a short set and then review, my stroke deteriorates over time/distance, but i suppose if you're stroke is more effective and efficient to start with that limitation will naturally be pushed back anyway.
    Cost is also a factor for me .. do you feel you'd need to go back after sometime to review and re-adjust or is a one off for the season still going to be worthwhile .. i assume it is but thought I'd ask.

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    steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    The way they did it with me is to break it down into small drills
    So you may just do the high elbow half a dozen times then they play it back on the video so you can see what you are doing right or wrong
    Then after the session you get the dvd and notes to take home so you can practice on your own.
    I had 2 sessions about 6 weeks apart and at £45 each there not megga cheep but if you worked out a money spent to time spent i thought it was good value.


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    ok thanks, that's not too bad price wise either, for some reason i though they were about double that ..

    I shall make inquiries ..
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