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saddle adjustment delivers

hi all,
I know there have been plenty of threads of bike setup, and no I've not have it done professionally yet, i suspect the pro advice might be 'get a new bike' .. but at first i thought i was quite high in terms of saddle to handle-bar height, but I became aware on my rides that my legs were coming quite high up and i wasn't really getting any power from my pedal motion between 10:30 and 13:30 if using a clock to represent the turn of the crank.
I raised the saddle up by another inch, i really felt a lot higher and could feel the extra pressure on my hands, the hand ache only lasted about 10mins though.. So in terms of benefit it was a revolution ( pun intended ) .. i dropped a whole minute off my 9minute circuits and could really feel that i was driving the bike throughout the whole pedal revolution without a dead spot at the top section. It also means you can use the full strength in your leg as you extend the leg that bit further.

might be an obvious point but if you haven't really looked into your bike setup then there could be an easy win waiting for you. One thing i was thinking though is that having been sat a bit too low for a long while may have built some extra muscle in the thigh where it's working harder than is needed, i wonder if this holds any benefit and is worth doing occasionally as a form of drill?

4 weeks till first OD race day ..


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    my pedal motion between 10:30 and 13:30
    You have a 24-hour crank?? Oh bloody hell! When was this developed?? Now I'm going to have to spend more money. I'm assuming more hours is better, right?

    Seriously, I wondered if I was being a tit when I found myself making 5mm adjustments to my saddle positions last year. No, I wasn't. It really make a difference when you get it right.
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