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Which Trainers?

Hi All

I've just started training for my 1st tri and have realised that my old (non-running specific) trainers just aren't cutting it.

Can anyone recommend a good pair or brand of ladies running shoes for training on road surfaces with good shock absorbsion as I've started to get slight pain in my knees. There's too much info on the web on what to buy so any help will be great.




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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    it all depends on how you walk/run, i.e. whether you are over-pronating etc. What you need to do is go to a proper running shop, up and running can be quite good although I have found a large variation in what their staff actually know. The best place is a local running/tri shop if you have one, they will watch you walk/run and then you can try different shoes to see which fits you best.

    I would personally recommend asics for training, as they are very well cushioned and so are great for running on tarmac. But again it does depend on what your feet are like, because the other two big manufacturers for running shoes brookes and saucrony can offer wider shoes if you have a wide forefoot. again, best off going to a proper running shop so they can measure you.

    In my opinion stay away from nike, as they are rubbish shoes and don't provide for overpronators and for anyone other than neutral, there is also mizuno who provide some decent shoes such as the wave precision.
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    I use Saucony shoes (lightwieight support shoes as I over-pronate) and train in New Balance shoes. NB are good but tend to be heavier and therefore not great for race day.

    Definitely get yourself to a speciaslist running store for investigation into your running style. You won't regret it.
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    bevwallbevwall Posts: 2
    Thank you! It's so hard to find what's right for you with so much info on the internet. I will take your advice & go on search for a specialist store to find the right pair for me.

    I've never even considered how I walk or run so this is all very new.


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