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Too soon for an iron man distance?

So I started training for tri for the first time in Feb and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Did a half iron distance in June and did better than I expected and although my swim was rubbish did okay in the bike and run.... I've now been asked by a friend to do Challenge Barcelona with her in October, but I was planning on doing Challenge Roth next July - so the big question is: what to do?

1) train for the next year for Roth - give myself a year to get my swim better and get (with luck and a prevailing wind) a reasobable time?

2) think sod it and try Barcelona - to do an ironman distance is an achievement no matter what and to get round is as good as feeling as getting a good time?

Should point out that I train a reasonable amount at the moment and the bike and run distances aren't the biggest issues (not taking it for granted - know it's gonna be ridiculously hard!) and have a lot of time over the next 2 months to up my level of training a lot... but my swim is shaky and will be a mixture of front crawl and breast stroke in order for me to complete the distance.

Is it worth the expense for the experience in October or wait and savour the moment when the build up has been huge but the stakes are maybe a little higher (given the time investment)

Aaaargh - decisions! help!


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    hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    If you have had a good season of base work upto now and adjust your training you may get away with getting a decent time.... I have no doubt you could 'just finish' but how would you feel with 'just finishing'?

    If I was you, and in my first year of training I would leave it until Roth next year....then you can work on getting a decent base and build up on technique etc in the swim...

    However, if you can put up with the 'just finishing' feeling then do Barca..... I know I would want to race to get a good time for myself and would be gutted to just finish.... if it came to it in the race, where I have given it my all and say hit the wall or had a really bad one then I would be happy to 'just finish'.
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