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I don’t know where to start.... There was a thread to other week about A races and A Drinking sessions and the lack of drive for training after. I did my A race and after 12weeks of training from zero fitness and zero drinking, with a happy result. The following weekend I had a double Bday to attend at 2pm last Saturday. In hind sight I have more stamina now than before but certainly not in the drinking department.... Somehow in an amnesia stricken hour I have managed to break my hand. (Ccould add this to drinking wall of shame) Get a check up on Tuesday to see if in need an op, but the lovely doc said she did not think so. I only hope I do not have to go through the pain that I had in A & E on a Sunday of a doc trying to put the bone back in place.... I thought the pain of a competition was bad it did not touch the sides, don’t get me wrong I have had an enough training/race injuries to last a life time but I will never complain again!!!

My plans for a pool sprint in 7 weeks is off because of the broken hand as swimming is totally off the training plan, but after that I was hoping to crown my first finally season with a Run-Bike Duathlon (best disciplines) at Thruxton 5k run – 30k bike – 5k run on the 18th of October and I hoped it would give me the push to go to OD next season. Without the use of a turbo trainer I’m not sure I can train for the race or if I will be fit enough, firstly because it’s a step up from sprint distance and with the lack of training. This week I have found that I can run without any pain in the cast but without the use of a turbo trainer on aero bars is no problem (working out without the bumps). If I can clear the credit card after the first years investment of taking up the cheapest of sport on the planet to get a turbo trainer and put in some hours on the bike. Is it a realistic goal?

I have never broken a limb before and I have now conception of healing times for this type of injury (I know ever broken bone is different) or even the thought of getting on a bike again in the next few months is possible. Can anyone shed some light on my dilemma and give me a straight answer if my revised goal is at all possible? Or should I still keep on working towards the A Game Drinking for the foreseeable off season?


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Somehow the subject line didn't lead me to expect the topic!

    I, fortunately, have not had a broken bone like that - and it sounds like a good one!

    Really, you have to follow two things - the advice of the doctor, plus how it feels to you (i.e. pain).

    As well as the bone you will have some soft tissue damage - which is where most of the hurt is. Skin will heal the quickest, then the deeper tissues, plus the bone will have to knit together. Until all that is done, it will hurt a bit. And at odd times too - a bit like growing pains if you ever had them as a kid!

    One the swelling goes down a bit, you will want to do as much as you can... but this will be quite limited - it terms of movement and how much the hand can cope with. So - a little bit... but a little bit more each day. You want to think about things like range of movement - rather than putting it under load. i.e. some exercises to get it moving.

    However, do this following the advice of the doc. and stop if it hurts. And don't get in a situation where you might have to stop and it's too late. i.e. it's probably not a good idea to be 3 miles out in to the channel on a nice swim only to realise it hurts too much....

    Establish key milestones with the doc - when I can swim again, do weights, work the button on the tv remote, etc.

    As you will not be moving your hand for a bit, the muscles that are used to control it will start to waste away a bit and loose function - so after a while, you will need to work on these etc.

    I've probably got the detail all wrong.. and just been waffling etc. But it might only be a week or two which is probably what you want to hear. But, ask the doc!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Are you a member of a gym? I know it isnt the sme but you could try getting on the bike in the gym which although won't be the same set up it will keep those muscles strong and help your stamina. I don't know much about broken bones but i'm sure that keeping your exercise going to some degree would help - i amagine to do with the blood flow etc (but wait to be corrected by the more knowledgeable)
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