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WAT officer has relented and approval of new bike given. Got my "A" race next sunday and really don't want to do it in my Claud Butler.... only day I can travel to bridgetown is tomorrow......

Is it worth the four hour drive....

Got approval on £1500..... poss wing it to £1800. What do I go for? make model? Tri or Road?


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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    You'd best spend your saturday evening researching! Doesn't give you long to decide.

    Maybe worth ringing ahead to get some ideas? Though obviously a bit late now!
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Don't I know that, I've been looking at bikes for ages. Was in Evans today (no intention of buying) and saw a cannondale slice....v.nice.

    I emailed CH but its a sat night so not expecting a reply. Think I'm onto plums if I'm honest but I soooo want to go and see what he can sort me out with.

    I know my CB bike is all set up wrong hence why i don't want to race in it......
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    personally, if i was putting down a decent amount on a new bike i'd want it to be right - not just for next week's a-race but for the next few years worth of races.

    if you aren't sure about whether it is a tri or roadbike you want then give your cb a great send off and spend some more time on your choice.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    spend in haste, repent at leisure.
    Don't rush,saw some chap at a TT on thursday ride an immaculate CB bike,10 or 12 speed,polished beautiful machine,still clocked an impressive sub 28 for the 10 miles( i won't mention his age but he probably would qualify for the super vets).
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    hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Tri bike over road bike without question..... Forgot all the stuff people say that you can not climb on a tri bike blah blah.... I have done several very hilly bike courses on my TT bike and had no problems.... for instance - Bala Middle - a standard distance race around Wimbleball ie the IM 70.3 UK course - Horwich Standard - I have also rode around Lanzarote on one too.

    Have a look at their website for some ideas on what they have....

    Depending on your size....

    http://www.btownbikes.com/products.php? ... 26s169p921

    This is an awesome buy!!! then you have enough to get a groupset etc and have it built up and im sure BT will give you a good deal to do a custom build for you:)

    Or theres the Giant Trinity full build at £1200 I think?

    Just dont rush into buying one especially for next weekend as you may regret it! and having that kind of money to spend doesnt come around often.... It would be better to do your race on your claud butler and then get the ideal bike than rush into buying a bike and then regret it later.

    Test ride whichever and try them both slow and at speed, put power down and try and feel for flex at the bottom bracket. You want one that is stiff and responds to the power put down and steering etc.

    Also it is worth noting that you may not get the 'ideal position' straight away and only giving it a week before racing could highlight this fact... You may be slower than you would have been on the old one...

    Buy wisely and remember it may take a few weeks to a month to adjust to the new bike.
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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    and you might see a good deal at your race!
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Cheers troops.

    Took the advice and I'm not spending in haste. I'm going to sit down tonight and work out what i want. I'm swinging towards a TT bike. Just back in from a ride (VVVV windy) and spent as much of it as I can on the tri bars.

    Hussler, the advice your giving is sound so thanks v.much and RIS my old CB will get the send off she deserves. To be honest I really like my CB, I bought it as an entry level bike and she's been brilliant. I'll never sell that bike, she'll remain with me for as long as I can have her.
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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284

    Got approval on £1500..... poss wing it to £1800. What do I go for? make model? Tri or Road?
    Sorry don't you mean the 25% rule???? You buy a bike for 2000 and you say it costs you 1500. Or you sign up for an IM and the WAT asks how much did that cost? You reply with a general 200 pounds (actual cost 280) I think I got the % wrong there!!!!
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Well I got approval for £1500 but O'm certain I can wing a few extra pounds.... jsut glad to have approval. I've been wearing WAT officer down for months....

    She said its just a stupid bike, it won't make you go fater....my response was rant to her about how faster I will be.........that may have been a mistake
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    you'd better be faster s11, or there'll be some sort of merry trouble!

    i suggested some bike purchasing with the wife recently and there was a dead-eyed withering look that i will have to work hard to turn round.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    The proof will be next year when I'm selecting which races to do again..... I will be faster...or so I keep telling myself.

    Keep at it RIS, jsut reinforce the idea that this is as essential to you as water is to the third world. She wil relent
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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Interesting thing with a new bling bike...

    Thought of the day...

    Does it make you faster or does it just make things easier?

    I think a lot of people just find what they do easier so don't always see the increase in speed they think they should get.

    You still have to work harder as well as having hte new bike.
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    TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    So Shadowone1 , have you bought one, or are you still deciding?
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Good point but I always work hard on the bike but I compare it to a mini to a M3. You drive a mini fast adnd through it round a corner but its never gonna be faster than a M3. That said, its about the compontents. The amount of time I've lost to gearing etc is unbelieveable. Not saying that I won't have these probs but they'll surely be reduced???


    Not got it. Decided to give the CB a send off she deserves. The trusty steed deserves the big stage!!
    I've emailed Mike and he kindly replied back to saying he doing a custom build on a Ridley Dean (King of Bike Porn) and that he'd get back to me at some point this afternoon.

    Not sure what I want to be honest so I'm hoping Mike can help with the components etc. Conehead made some good suggestion as well so that was appreciated.

    Cannot wait to get it....
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