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IMUK run course

Hello everyone I am very confused by the IM run course it says "Feed Stations
There will be 3 Feed Stations, approx 1-2 miles apart " maybe I'm being thick?????

Now if there's a feed station 1-2 miles apart then surely there should be at least 13 of them not 3???

Please help as I'm very confused



  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Yeah. I read this and it didn't make sense. Then if you look on the run map on the IMUK website there are only 3 feed stations mapped on it.

    Having mapped the run course roughly the feed stations (copied across) work out to be at 3k, 6k, 12k and then on the return loop the same stations hit 20k, 26k, 29k and then to the finish at 28k 31k and lastly at 37k.

    I honestly don't believe this to be correct as I think they will set something up in the park you loop round which is roughly at 16k and then 41k. This'll then work out to be roughly a feed station every 4k maximum.
  • The course description is very unclear but I believe the run course is several laps, so there are 3 feed stations each 1-2 miles apart, and you pass each one several times.
  • don't know ho to edit my post... but what he said!
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    yeah its deffo a several lap course, i live close by to this and know the route you are taking...its quite flat actually......they must be closing the road cause that is a major road between the motorway and bolton...i know its a sunday but its a busy road.

    good luck guys
  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    It's not several laps really.

    You basically run out, go round a park twice, come out and run almost back to the beginning, then turn around and go back to the park. Except this time when you get to the park you just run out the back of it to the town centre and the finish line. It's more like 3 lengths!

    I had a look at someone who had properly reccyed the run with pics and all, and it makes less sense. Apparently the loop after the run along the golf course is in fact a set of stairs that don't look wide enough for two people to fit on.
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    A set of steps ... now I'm really looking forward to that half way through an ironman marathon.
    It'll be twice up the steps and once down them - up steps length 1, down on length 2 & then up on length 3.
    Good way of looking at it - 3 lengths of running.
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    In my head I'm trying to think of it as either two half marathons or four 10k runs (and a bit) but I think after the 112 miles on the bike and a 2.4 mile swim I'll be thinking of bbq food and a couple of beers.
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