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Turbo Trainer recommendation


As i cannot search

Could anyone suggest a turbo trainer that i would be able to pic up for around 100 quid second hand on ebay?

There was talk a while ago about a dvd?!? you can watch that gives you a decent progranm....




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    JoddyBearJoddyBear Posts: 66
    you should be able to get a Tacx Sirius Gel for about that budget - new.

    i've got one and my onlt gripe with it is that the resistance lever is a bit stiff to change settings.
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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    I got the cycleops mag - 70 notes.

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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    I've got the same a Joddy Bear. I did have a minoura mag500 (or something like that) but the sirius is a lot smoother and quieter and has more resistance!
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    okennyokenny Posts: 231
    anyone got one of those fancy VR trainers?? They any good?
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