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Having caught the bug I am looking at getting Focus Izalco Tria 2008 but....I am 5 foot 9 which puts me in between the medium and large. I was advised by Wiggle to go for the medium as " it is better to go for the smaller bike". Not too sure about this, isnt it easier to buy the large and if required get a smaller stem?

Although I know there are no hard and fast rules are there no guide-lines like seat to pedal = 110% of your inside leg (this months cycling plus) for triathlon specific bikes?

This is a problem with the internet, you can't try b4 you buy, yet they make everything look so shiny!


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    honchohoncho Posts: 23
    the larger frame will have a longer top tube so you will have to reach more for the bars.you would be better of going into the shop and getting fitted.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Ahh the joys of online bike purchases...can you imagine how the bike shop you take it to will feel?
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    SwimfanSwimfan Posts: 19
    Would a bike sizing give me a set of criteria e.g. top tube length etc to go for or is it simply not possible to buy online without trying the bike first...if so Online only brands like focus are inaccessible

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    The bike sizing should give you a series of measurements which best suit your shape e.g. angle of each part of the bike to each other, length of seat post, handle bar width, top tube length etc. Bear in mind that each bike manufacturer seems to use slightly different criteria to determine their bike size e.g. you may need a 56cm Felt but only a 54cm Trek, so you can't base your sizing just from trying one bike.

    The best bet is definitely to go into a bike shop, get sized, try several bikes, pick the one you like and then check online to see if you can get it cheaper anywhere else. The sizing will generally cost about £30 unless you buy your bike from the store, but they should give you the diagrams showing all the relevant angles and lengths so that you can set up your interenet bike properly once you get hold of it.

    Good luck

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    Don't forget Wiggle's 7 day test ride return policy.

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