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Is it just me or have 220 forgotten IMUK??

I seem to remember this time last year (well a bit later as the race was in Sept), 220 doing lots of articles on IMUK, looking at the course, camping etc and this year there isn't even a mention of the race, the only one held in the conutry! I'm not completely missing something am I?

Also seem to have noticed the standards of test item selection appears to have comlpetely dropped, such as doing a test on recovery drinks and not including SiS REGO, one of the most popular, and the recent tiathlon saddle test, testing the Specialized Toupe and complaining the nose was too hard, when the TriTip is designed exactly for that reason...

Or maybe I'm just losing it with Ironman Fear


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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Ah yes, the ever recurring oversleeping dream....

    Also, further to my original point, 220 haven't even got the race in their events page/section on the site. It is this Sunday isn't it?!?!
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I thought that about the recovery drinks.

    This month, as usual, they have tested too random and wide a selection of kit (tri shoes) or not a wide enough selection (women's specific bikes - only two tested)

    The reviews can be very hit and miss and they have too many categories of award. Why have a "best on test" and and "editor's choice" for example?

    This month's 220 has actually IMO been good, the lunchtime swim session for example looks very useful. However I suspect when my 12 month subscription expires I will cancel and try another one, Triathlon Plus looks more suited to me, and I would get another free gift!

    As far as IMUK is concerned I'm sure I've seen a few things in about it recently, though not (I think) a "guide to" in any great detail. Good luck with it though!
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