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How to triathlon train and holiday at the same time.

Hi people,

Been on holiday in France. We are utterly blessed with a very small hovel in a remote gorge in southern rural France where we try to go 2-3 times a year, with bikes.

The cycling in this region is second to none and so this is what we do, on top of walking, swimming in the river and exploring when the weather's not so good. Been visiting this region for 12 years now and plan to move out there soon.

So: cycling. We were doing anything from 30-60+kms per day, not including a circular 125km route that we do once every visit. You can basically either cycle along the gorge and back - for as far as you like. The gorge is 50kms long, so you have an unlimited range if you don't mind going backwards and forwards. It does undulate, but I like to bung the tri bars on and use the gorge road as a TT route for increasing speed.

Or, you can take the bikes up the gorge to the plateau (causse) and do circuits up there, sometimes including some pretty stiff hills. We love doing this as the roads are almosy empty, the villages are charming and the wildlife is stunning. You can't stop for too long or the vultures start taking an interest for example. My DH is particularly gifted at constructing routes for circular causse rides.

Or, you can cycle up out of the gorge (typically 5-7kms of relatively tough gradient), ride along the causse to the next road and descend back down and then along the gorge road to your starting point. That can be pretty hard depending on which climb you choose and how far you travel before deciding to descend.

OR you could combine a climb out of the gorge with one of the circuits on the causse. Very tough, but so much fun!

Coupled with the cycling, I (and a couple of times even DH), ran along the track by the river every other morning. Again - we're talking wild and wooly, skipping over limestone outcrops and scaring the basking reptiles.Out and back must be about 7kms I think.

Afternoons are generally spent by the river. We have a couple of deep basins (limestone - so where there is a narrowing of the river you generally get a basin too where the faster water has cut a deep area) near us with decent beaches so the swimming opportunities are excellent. I can mix some serious sunbathing/reading with a good few circuits of the basin to replicate as close as possible the sort of swim training I do at home.

It's been wonderful, but the cycling was magical. This was the first time I got to use Lola (the new Bianchi) in anger and I'm in love. Not just with the bike, but with road cycling.

Anyway. Back to triathlon training in earnest now. Have to try to squeeze in 2 ODs before returning to the land of the invalided.

Hope everyone is well



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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    aaaaah sounds lovely.

    So when do we all get an invite then?
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    SwizzlenapSwizzlenap Posts: 160
    Is this where Coneheads actually taking everyone on the France trip

    Blurredgirl it sounds absolutely idyllic, no wonder you want to move out there.
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    I'm not telling ANYONE where this place is!

    At least not until I've set up my exclusive only-for-those-blessed-with-red-carbon triathlon training centre.

    Far enough away from my tranquil hovel....

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