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Tidworth Sprint

DanteDante Posts: 22
Perhaps not as trendy as some of the other events posted about in here, but I took part in my 3rd sprint with Concept Sport - having raced Southampton and Bournemouth last year.

The swim leg is 400 metres in the local pool, which was warm as soup by the time i got in. There were around 10 people per wave (2 per lane). Other than the temperature of the pool there are no major gripes here - it was deep enough at both ends for tumble turns (if you can do them!) and the high-sided climb out also added an extra bit of fun!

Quick 10metre run across mats to the carpark and T1 - pretty straightforward, although due to the staggered start times (7:30 - 9:30am) there were people racking / unracking bikes whilst others were racing - not ideal...

The bike course is a short, rolling 13 mile out and back round Bulford army camp - again, pretty straightforward. Tucking in made a real difference here as it was quite exposed in places with a strong headwind.

Back through T2 and out on the 4.5 mile run loop. The first mile is a steep hill and they chuck another steep one at you a mile from home to keep you on your toes. The run course could have done with some better signage in places.

I finished in 1:19 - 12th overall and 4th in my age group, so i was pleased with that. Everyone ahead of me was riding an absolute flying machine...

They also didnt have any goodie bags at the finish as there was apparently an issue with their postie!

Overall not a bad event, but not really up to the usually high Concept Sport standards of organisation. I'm hoping my season closer at Bournemouth will be better!


  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Great result there .. I also competed in this as it was our club championships event .. I managed a 1:28.55 which was pretty good going for me ... swim was good - bike was good and run was good for me ... unfortunately my transitions were very slow.

    I agree with you on the "not so good" in relation to some parts - very lacking in marshals on the bike and run route and signage wasn't great. I do beleive that the Goody bag, for what its worth, will be posted out to us, but I could be wrong.

    Next year you should try Andover Triathlon - it had great reports this year and has done every year since it started.
  • DanteDante Posts: 22
    Cheers GGB,

    Yeah I was going to do the Andover one but sacked it at the last minute in favout of the Tidworth event.

    Good luck at the London sprint - i'm doing the OD on Sunday!

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